Word given

Presented by Carol Close

© January 29, 2006

Word given at Springs of Living Waters Church, Ft. Lauderdale,Fl.
on Sunday January 22,2006 A.M. Service

My word is faithful and true, and the time is comming when my word will repeat its self.

At the time of Passover I made a promise of the plagues upon Egypt. I also made the promise that the doorposts that were covered with the blood of the lamb would be spared. I tell you now, cover your doorposts with my Son, the lamb and I will not come against you and you will be spared the plagues that I will visit upon this earth. I have promised you that I would keep you from the time of trial.

My promises are faithful and true, but you must be faithful and true to me. You say to me "Lord, I give my life to you" and "Lord, I claim you as my Lord and Saviour of my life" but then you give in to worldly desires. This is not the promise you made to me. Should I keep my promises to you as you keep your promises to me?

Time is nigh unto you for the comming of my Son. Watch and be prepared for the day is comming soon. Be vigilent and pray without ceasing.

I sent my Holy Spirit to teach you and guide you. Do not turn away from my Holy Spirit for behold I come quickly to judge, and you who are my faithful and true, will hear my voice as I beckon them to come. Come with me to my Holy Land. I have prepared a place for you and the key is in my hand for me to give to you. Will you get your KEY?????

Presented by Carol Close

January 29, 2006