What Did You Say? I Missed It

The Art of listening to God

by Lura Langenback

© 02/25/05

How well do we actually listen especially when it comes to things we simply do not want to hear? One of the biggest problems we have raising our two nieces is that they do not like to listen to things we are trying to help them with. Year after year, the one recurring theme when talking to their teachers is the lack of listening in class. Don't get me wrong. They are both honor roll students, both fully able to do school work. Yet, when it comes to listening for assignments and hearing the teacher talk about the lessons for the day, it does not sink in. We have a great deal of difficulty in getting ideas across to them because although they hear what we say and can even repeat it back, they don't actually absorb what is said.

I have heard statistics that say that when we hear a lecture, sermon or even a standup comedian, we only hear part of what is said and only retain something less than 10 percent of what is spoken. I know that I have had problems trying to remember what someone has said so that I could have that recipe or get that same catalog. Sometimes, we appear to be listening when really we have other things on our minds and totally miss what someone else is saying. I have told the girls that if they do that, they might miss something really important that we are trying to tell them. They sort of shrug their shoulders about that. Why? Because it doesn't really matter at the moment. Many times, we put off the problems of tomorrow and do not want to listen about them for today's comforts.

So now, the question is...how well do we listen and respond to God? Are we in the same shape as the kids? Are we daydreaming when God is teaching us something vitally important? Have we been told to do things and it goes in one spiritual ear and out the other? Sometimes the cares and worries of this world are simply too much to bear. They creep in and block out what God is speaking to us. Our spiritual eyes are on those things that take over like bills, debt, job, kids, loss of a loved one, loss of one's home or other property, problems in marriage or with friends and co-workers.

How did we get so far away from God? Actually, we are not that far away. It's sort of like the telephone. Pick up and dial. You are only a prayer away at any time. How does God feel about all this?

Psalms 46:10, "Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth."

If we can simply take the time to talk to the Lord, to listen to what He has to say, we will grow quickly and begin to see what He has in store for us. If we do not choose to do this, we will be "in the dark" about everything. God is the Light we are seeking but we must listen to what He is telling us. It is a choice. We can choose to go about our hurried business, we can be inundated with problems and worries or we can hear the Lord and have the peace that He provides to the children of God renewed daily.

Why not take the time today and talk to Him. Hear what He has in store for you. It will be well worth your time. And if you have never asked the Lord Jesus into your heart or if you are not where you should be with the Lord Jesus, please consider doing so today. Run to the Lord not away from Him. Jesus is God's Son Who gave His life on the cross two thousand years ago so that you would not have to suffer the consequences of your sins. All you have to do is ask Him to forgive you. He will do it and forget those things you have done. You start out completely clean! No, you can't be too horrible to be not forgiven. He WILL forgive you! He promises this. Then, simply ask Jesus to come into your heart to be with you forever. He will come in and dwell with you. When this happens, you are a part of the family of God! What a blessing that is! Listen, God is calling to you right now. What are you waiting for?