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Welcome to the entrance to my weight and fitness project. I have a dream that some day I will be at the weight I want to be, that I will be at the phyisical fitness level that I used to be. Through this site, I plan to share what I have been through, am going through and what you have experienced and are currently going through. I want this to be an interactive site to the best of my abilities. My aim is to touch anyone who needs this but the major focus is for those women who are obese and (I absolutely HATE this medical term) morbidly obese. I want to tell you my successes and failures and why they happen. I want you to do the same for me.

Men, my husband is also going to be working on losing weight and getting trim so I will write about his situation as well from time to time.

It will also focus on trying to lose weight on small budgets. My biggest gripe about the weight loss industry is that it aims for the middle and upper class income pocket. I understand why but there are so many folks who need to find ways to lose weight that do not have the money to buy all of those expensive foods.

So, ALL OF YOU ON A TINY BUDGET, come on in. You are so very welcome.

I promise to be as honest as I possibly can be. To that end, I am a born again Christian. I believe that God should be in anything I do so I will try my best to continue that with this site. There will not be reams of "scripture to live by", etc., but if God gives me something to tell you, I will do so. However, I see no reason to beat people over the head with their sins like some have done to me. It is hard enough to get fit and get the weight off. Therefore, Words of God will be when given by Him in love as He always does and only that.

One thing. Yep, there are RULES, like it or not.

I do not allow foul or inappropriate language or comments anywhere on my site. That includes but is not limited to cursing, porn-type comments, sexual remarks or off-color jokes. I have the power to delete them and I will do so as fast as possible. Those who do comment in that manner will be barred from further participation to the best of my abilities.

There will be no flaming comments made to or about someone who is larger than yourself or smaller than yourself. No flame wars because someone does not think as you do. This site is based on love and it will remain that way at all times.

There will be no conversations of a religious nature other than what God has done for you regarding weight loss, exercise plans or victories. We love to hear victories!! No big debates of any kind will be allowed. We do not want a discussion on the "theology of weight loss". God did not make us this way. Start with that.

There will be no spamming to your email address from here. I am not collecting them. Should I ever decide to have an email list for this subject, you will be told and a signup will be available.



First, I want you to know that I am in no way a professional medical person nor am I a nutritionist. There is no college degree for dispensing any health related comments made by me.

Second, before you start any weight loss regimen or exercise program, please contact your physician to be evaluated first. This is very important. I am currently under the direction of a health care provider.

Third, I am going to be asking for input from other people who are also not qualified to give medical advice. I am not asking for input by experts on this site unless they are commenting like everyone else. There will be no expert advice column.

Fourth, I will not promote a diet plan or exercise plan of any kind. The aim isn't to become one of the many in the diet and fitness industry making big bucks, preying on the frustrations and heartaches of the massive number of people who are currently overweight. We certainly have enough of that. It is to give information to help those who need it and for myself. I believe that this site is for support.

No comments made by anyone related to this site are by professionals so please do not take these suggestions as "expert advice" from anyone other than your own health care provider.


Time to get on with it!

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