Okay, Now I Have To Learn To Be Diligent

(I think I hate that word!)

by Lura Langenback

© Wednesday, March 10, 2004

One of the things that is constantly hitting me in the face is that if I am not consistent or diligent, then I lose ground. It isn't like some other things you can do. Losing weight requires all of your effort and attention, at least at first. Whatever you start, keep it going. Remember to check first with a doctor before starting any weight loss plan.

I hate the idea of endlessly thinking about food. That is a major problem for me. When I have my mind on it so much, it gets overwhelming. That's when I don't care anymore and go get whatever item was bugging me at the time. There goes the diet again. Bah!

But don't give up if you blow it. Don't decide to "begin again tomorrow because you already blew it today." Nooooo. I got into that trap so many times, I can't count them. Get back to the plan right away. Do not wait for tomorrow. Start again right now. Do not rationalize that you are already over the limit, what does one more thing hurt. A LOT!! Frankly, if you don't start right away, it is likely that you won't at all. I've been there. Once I had blown it, I wanted to wait for tomorrow. That way, I could have all of those things I was avoiding for all that time. BIG MISTAKE. Once you go down that path, it's really very hard to get back to the plan you were on. Trust me here. I know.

I guess I am blessed in that I have a supportive husband, that is, he is when he is not going after something as much as I am. We do tend to feed off each other, so to speak. (Now there's a picture for you!! No, no, no, I did not mean it that way.) It's just that when I blow it, he does and visa versa. So, in our case, we have to agree together to stick with the plan. When we both do that, we both lose weight. But no cheating!! Cheating is the death knell of a diet plan.

So, what can I do to change things so that I am not doing that just because he does? It takes some willpower and some time getting food off of our minds. Read a good book, do your housework, do your office work if you have an office at home. Walk the dog, cat or goldfish! The main thing is to find something to get your mind off of the food thing. Here are some suggestions for you.

1) Get your mind off food. ( I wouldn't watch too much TV. All the food commercials.)
2) Remove the no nos from the house so that you will not be tempted.
3) Exercise regularly no matter what it is. Any movement does something. (Finger pullups are NOT what I'm talking about.)
4) Try to eat small portions several times a day. That keeps the metabolism up.
5) Remember....no more than 3-4 oz. of protein at a time. More than that goes to fat.

There is something else to do. This is usually something most folks hate but it does work. Keep a journal of what you eat. No matter how small the item is, write it down. If you have never done this before, I think you will be amazed at how much you eat but can't remember because it was just a taste of this and a bite of that. Keep yourself honest. Absolutely no one has to read it but you. Don't lie to yourself. Put down each bite. No excuses!! Oh, I forgot that taste I took of the food I was cooking. Yeah right. WRITE IT DOWN.

Tip for the day:

Drink lots of water. BUT if you feel that you are getting full of water, stop. Too much water can be dangerous too. Now, too much is an individual thing but the guage would be if you feel really full. I once had a doctor tell me to drink two gallons of water a day. He died. Then the next doctor told me that was too much and to at least drink my 52 oz. mug a day. Water cleans out the kidneys and is really great for the rest of your body too. Keeps you hydrated, something you really do need. (note: this sounds crazy but it is true. If you are swelling up, it's possible you have not had enough water. Think back to how much you had for the day. If it's not that much, you can actually swell from that. Check with your doctor about any swelling first. )

Happy losing!!


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