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Do You Want To Lose Weight Or Just Lie To Yourself?

What's It Going To Be?

by Lura Langenback

© Thursday, March 04, 2004

I think that what is the most distressing thing about setting up this site is that people who want to lose weight come here and read away on the articles. They love to read about me and my situation. However, when it comes to reading an article that has the word HONESTY in the title, nobody wants to do that. Wonder why? Because most people who are in this condition don't want to actually BE HONEST with themselves. They would rather just wing it, going along believing that there isn't a real problem. Well, there is if they can't even open an article with the word honesty in the title.

Let's start again. This site is for those who are OBESE and MORBIDLY OBESE, in other words FAT. There. When you are willing to admit to yourself that you are one of these words, you are starting with honesty. You know, I hate those words but I am at this moment fat, morbidly obese at my weight. I have closed my eyes for too long. Some day, if I do not start to correct my situation of being fat, it can create more......I said MORE.......health problems or even take my life before God is ready for me to come home.

So, my tip for the day, week, month and forever is that you be totally, brutally honest with yourself. Get out the tape measure and find out what the measurements are. Then climb on a scale and take a hard look there. Get someone to take that picture you have been avoiding for the last years of your life. Then, go to the mirror and look at the person in that place too. When you can finally see what everyone else sees, you will be on the road to recovery. Because that is exactly what it is, a road to recovery.

On the other hand, don't start to get depressed, get determined. Get determined to see a change in the scale, the tape measure, the mirror and the picture. You can do this. It is entirely up to you, not your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents or whoever else has decided that you are going to do this for them. That does not, never has and never will work. It only works when you get determined not to lose......your life or your health. Do you have children? Want to see them grow up? Want to be with your spouse for years after they are grown and gone?

Weight alone may not threaten your life or health BUT if you carry it long enough, one or the other will happen. This is one area I do know about. For years, I believed what I had seen on a couple of talk shows about big being beautiful and that it did not necessarily mean there was a problem with health. They said that you can be healthy and overweight and incredibly beautiful. I tried to buy into that lock, stock and barrel. But you know what? The barrel was empty, the stock was stolen and the lock was broken. The so-called experts didn't know what they were talking about. Is this a surprise to anyone? DUH!

I am overweight. My husband is overweight. My two closest friends are overweight. Another friend and her husband are overweight. What has happened to all of us? Well, each of us has now got a multitude of health problems. My closest friends have been in the hospital, one for heart and the other with false heart attacks. They are both diabetic. One of my other friends is on hospice care and his wife has a bag of medications so huge that it is impossible to pay for it all. She can't and mostly has to do without. You know about my health problems. My husband, who has probably been the healthiest of all of us has several problems that have cropped up in the last few years including sleep apnea, joint and muscle pain, back problems and hearing difficulties that may or may not be from his current medical condition.

I do have friends who are not overweight and guess what? They are healthy without medical problems of any kind that I know of. So, what is the difference? The healthy ones are eating right, exercising and keeping a good mental image of themselves, not to mention that they are following the Lord.

It is now time to take stock of yourself. You may not like what you see in the picture or in the mirror BUT if you will take that step toward being healthy, you will be not only a loser, as in weight loss, but you will also be a winner!! What is it going to be?


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