It's Time To Deal With Honesty

by Lura Langenback

© Saturday, February 28, 2004

One of my more serious downfalls is a lack of honesty with myself. Recently I was doing a daily list of foods eaten, meal name, etc. It also included exactly how much I had. Without really trying to be dishonest, I put down what I thought was the amount by oz. or by piece number. The number was okay but the oz. part wasnt too accurate. I found myself adding something here and something there, just a tiny amount more than I actually reported. The most ridiculous part of the whole thing is that no one was going to see this journal of foods but me.

So, who was I lying to? ME!! At first, that wasnt really a problem since I was losing weight anyway. The first weigh in on the Atkins induction phase was a spectacular 11 lbs. lost. That was in about a week and a half, I believe. That was when my husband and I were following it very strictly. Then, the next week, we started to get "creative". For him, it meant that he lost weight a tad slower, about 2-3 lbs a week. For me, it was more or less a death knell for my diet plans. Oh, I would lose a lb. here, two there, but then it was over a month before I lost even one lb again.

Whats the problem here? I was cheating and lying to myself about this. At the same time, part of the plan includes exercise of any kind to burn some of those carbs off. Did I do that? Nope. I started out doing it but then one day came along when I had to go out to shop. Well, that certainly qualified as exercise, right? So, I let it go that day. Then another day came and went. Pretty soon I just decided not to get on that treadmill. Didnt need it after all. That plan was geared so that it would "increase" weight loss but I could get by with not doing the exercise. I would just lose less. Yeah right. What a bunch of.......lying to myself.

We have got to be brutally honest with ourselves if we are ever going to get on with the weight loss plan. Frankly, at my age, I have to get in gear here or I lose altogether. I dont want that. I have too much to do yet. God is not through with me!!!!!

New tip for the day: the body can only take in 3-4 oz. of protein at a time. The rest goes to fat no matter what anyone says. Some of these plans really try to tell you that you can have all the protein and fat you can handle. Uh, no! Doesnt work that way.

Another tip is to have 5-6 smallish meals a day to keep the metabolism going. That way you can have smaller amounts of protein but still get a satisfying meal.

Happy losing!!


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