Weep For The Children


by Lura Langenback

© 04/24/02

So much pain, anguish, incredible nightmares.

Terrified souls, children in agony.

I see it all. My heart cries for them, to them.

Looking down at the faces, tearstained eyes,

knowing that it will stop soon but not yet.

My children, the reason I am. So much pain.

Pain for my babies, my firstborn sacrificed

in agony, no mercy. My back turned. I could not look.

So hard to do. They should pay.

Don't they see? Tears falling from My eyes.

Weeping for My own, My firstborn. Yet I love them.

Compassion, love to share. But so much pain.

My Son, at the beginning, was and is, will be.

Weeping because they do not listen. My child,

given for them. What price yet necessary.

Still they sob.The terror, the nightmares continue.

Hatefilled eyes. My children! Hate for each other.

I cry. It was not meant to be. So much pain.

When all is ended, it will be different.

Eyes bright, laughter, dancing. Forgetting the past.

Joy unspeakable, celebration, wonder in their hearts.

Difficult to wait, but all that will come must come.

One day, one time, it will be as it was.

No more tears, no more nightmares, no more pain.

It is hard for me to write in verse because I did not like it, once upon a time. Yet, there are things that just don't want to be said any other way. I suspect the poets will understand this better than I do because a poet, I am not. Today, during my time with my Lord, He gave me a picture that I had seen before. A picture of hurting, wounded, dying people. HIS children. What happens when your child is in pain? Don't you want to take that agony from them? Hurt for them so they do not have to do so? We are all made in God's image. He tells us that in Genesis. If that's true, then is it a surprise that God hurts when we do? We are all His offspring. Weep for the children.

I had a glimpse of heaven and earth one day. Seeing through His eyes what the world looks like and what heaven is like was a blessing and a curse at the same time. This place we inhabit is so dark, so full of horrible things seen in the spirit. Yet there are bright and shining points of light peeking through the darkness. What a blessing. But when I see heaven joy fills my heart. All of the tears gone, all pain and suffering vanished and forgotten......except by One. Even now, I can see the tears in the eyes of my blessed Savior when He has to tell His own child that He never knew them and send them to a place that was made only for the devil. Yes, He will brush the tears from our eyes, yet He will still be crying for the loss of His loved ones. Can you feel the hurt, the anguish, the pain?

God has given us a task. We are to witness of Jesus. Is it worth it for someone to go to hell because we think that feelings might be hurt, that we may embarrass ourselves, that some person may think less of us? It was never meant to be a secret. We should be shouting from the rooftops, not hiding our candles under a bushel basket. If we do not do this now, then when? There isn't much time. Look at the news. I am guilty of this too. The cashier, the bankteller, the teacher, the boss. I see them when I go out. What would happen if they were suddenly not here? A car wreck, sickness. Do you ever wonder if they know? Ask!!

No commercials. No links. You know where my articles are. You know where my husband's articles are. If not, you can find them. This article is so personal to me that I don't want to put any of that on here. My heart is crying out because I see the scripture prophecies coming true before our eyes. I see that the time is almost gone and I see so many souls who are going to miss the Lord because either no one told them or they didn't believe. You would be surprised at the number of folks all around you that have absolutely no idea about the Lord Jesus. When I came to the Lord in 1975, it was because I was surprised to find out that just because I knew ABOUT Him did not mean I knew Him! People actually are convinced that going to church, being 'good', not doing the MAJOR sins will give them a ticket to heaven. TELL THEM IT IS NOT TRUE!!

If what I am saying to you today makes you think about this, great. If you do not already know Jesus personally, PLEASE take the time to ask Him into your heart today. Tell Him you are sorry for your sins. He will remove them from you! If you have asked Him into your heart but are not where you should be, PLEASE talk to the Lord. Do NOT run from Him, no matter what you have done. He will forgive you! What if there is no tomorrow? Do NOT be one of those people who says 'that happens to everyone else. It won't happen to me.' Call me what you will. I am doing what my Father has asked of me. Will you tell someone today about the Lord?