Warning: Things Changing! Be Prepared!


by Lura Langenback


Whether you notice it or not, things are changing and fast. New technology pops out every few days now. Gone are the days when one new thing comes out every year or so. We are being drowned in a sea of information, more than we ever wanted. On the other hand, if we don't know what's going on, how do we function in the world as we now understand it? Are you certain that you have all the facts in order to make decisions in the world situation. You may not like the truth here but if you don't wake up NOW, it will be too late.

I'm going to ask you some questions. If they make you think, GOOD. That's why it's here. Are you aware that the U.N. is currently in what they are calling the 'U.N.Millennium Summit'? Have you been watching it? Probably not. For many years, the United Nations hasn't done much to warrant watching. Or has it? Are you aware that you do not see all the news when tuning in to your favorite anchor? The paper is not telling you the things you ought to know? The radio is only giving you part of the story? So if something historical was truly going on at the summit, would you be aware of it? Probably not. Did you know that Senator Jesse Helms went before that body and told them that this country will not tolerate what they are doing? Did you see that on the news? Probably not. The media is bending the truth and the facts to fit their picture of what they think you ought to know. It's now up to YOU to become informed.

For instance, are you aware that the U.N. is in negotiations right now to bring about what they are calling freedom of religion but that it will be anything BUT freedom? Did you know that they are working on a One World Government, One World Religion pact so that not only do we have to bow to them financially but also spiritually? Are you aware that they have declared the treaty the US. has with them is antiquated and outdated? They have met with most of the worlds religions trying to come to an agreement that will satisfy them all. They are doing this. The agreement is that no religion that is intolerant of anything whatsoever will be legal. Christianity comes under that heading. Why? Because we believe that there is ONLY ONE WAY to be saved, by the Lord Jesus Christ. They can't allow that to operate in a world with such varying religions who all believe in tolerance. We do too. We love the sinner and hate the sin. Not good enough. We have to believe JUST as they do or we are no longer 'tolerated'. So much for tolerance, right? Some day soon if you are already a Christian, it will be illegal to be what you already are. The U.N. is going to prosecute any and all nations states for allowing this in their countries. This is straight from the prophecy in the bible. Did you know that? Look it up.

The U.N. is coming together in a government situation so that we will be bound to pay taxes to them instead of our own countries. You may think that the US. is safe from this but we are not. The European 'friends' that we currently have, are almost now in total agreement about this. They do not want us to be powerful so they join together. They become more powerful than we are. Guess what that means? We will be forced to comply. At the present time, a LARGE percentage of military might is in the hands of the U.N. So far, they haven't done much and are basically ineffective. They hate that and are changing it. I realize that this is from a US. point of view that I'm speaking. I have no other. But for a moment, think what it will mean to you if the
US. is totally without power and must bow to the One World Government. Pretty frightening.

Does it seem funny that the only real objectors to this whole situation are the USA and Russia? They are the only ones who have a real problem with the U.N. at all. Strange. We all believed that the 'revival of the Roman empire' would come from the EU. Its still possible. They are set up for that. Its in place. But there is something about this U.N. thing that is very unsettling as well. The worst part is that we don't hear these things on the news, do we? The US. is bound on the north and south by countries friendly to this situation. Canada and Mexico are aligning with the U. N. When all of them are in accord, we in the US will have no say about our lives at all. Sound dramatic? Probably, but then so did the prophets of old that told of things to come, and they DID. We prize our freedom. This country was built because of the need for it. But the US. citizens are giving it away every day because they are not keeping informed. We aren't alone of course. Canada, Mexico and many of the European countries that have, in the past, been friendly...like England...are now wanting more power. They feel that the US has too much is working to change that. I feel badly because we are ALL being deceived and we will pay that price someday soon.

For those who read the bible, is any of this a surprise to you? If it is, start reading. The bible and the words in it are as fresh as today's newspaper. Actually, they are clearer and full of already fulfilled prophecy and prophetic things yet to come. We were warned over and over again that there would come a day that one who looks charismatic, has favor with the people, does mighty works that appear to be miracles, will do those things that bring about peace in the world. Then he will be favored above all. He comes from up out of the old roman empire, now revived. If you have ANY questions about that revival, start your information search with the EU and the U. N. member nations. Check and see who is for this One World Government, One World Religion plan. The resources are there. You just have to look.

No matter where you are from, it is a dangerous time to be without the Lord and its a dangerous time to ignore what the Spirit is saying. Its a time to dig deep into your heart and see what God is saying, doing what God is asking (because He will NOT insist. He is a Gentleman), because if we do not, then when the Lord calls up His children, we would not be among them.

By the way, Im not going to debate with anyone about the rapture or what is truly called the 'catching away of the church'. It WILL happen. But I am not going to set a date. The reason I don't talk too much about this part is because I feel that there will be some really rude shocks and awakenings when it doesn't happen when the majority of people think it will. Question: what if it doesn't come when we think? How does that affect your faith in God? Do you then start doubting everything that was promised? What happens if we have to endure some really hard times, harder than we ever knew before? What happens to our faith then? If, however, we are ready for it to happen today but live like its going to be years from now, THEN we are walking as God wants us to do. We are doing all He is asking and we don't really care WHEN Jesus comes, only that He does. Of that we are certain. He promised it. That settles it.

If you do not know Jesus as your Savior and Lord, please take the time now to ask Him into your heart. Ask for your sins to be forgiven because that is what He does for you. When you do this, you are washed clean, become a new creation in the Lord. All of the old stuff has been removed from your spirit. Now walk in the holiness of the Lord. If you have questions, please email me.