Psalm 23...Breakdown Verse By Verse


by Lura Langenback

© August 15, 2000

Doing a bible study is the fastest way to learn more about scriptures in the bible. I want to explore a variety of things all within the Bible, also called the Word of God. The strangest thing happens when I prepare a study for others. The Lord gives me things to learn for myself. What a blessed time I have! Then I am expected to share these things with you as well. Sometimes it will be better to break each verse down, looking into the meanings. Other times, taking it as a whole would be better. Before I go further, thank you for reading this. I pray that you learn something new, even if you find out that my secret is that I cannot really write! My Father is doing the writing. Thank You, Lord!

In the first study, we will check out Psalm 23. This has to be one of the most misunderstood chapters in the whole Bible. The plan is to break it down, verse by verse.

More often than not, we hear about the 23rd Psalm when we attend a funeral or at least when someone has recently died. It has been assumed by people that this Psalm is related in some way to death because it is mentioned in the Psalm itself, but is it really mentioned like that? Is it really about death? That could not be further from the truth. This is a Psalm of steadfastness, of faith going through difficult times, and of the tender Mercy of the Lord Who walks with you through it all. But how can this be, you ask. I have always heard that it had to do with death. Hey, I saw "War of the Worlds". That preacher was praying the 23rd Psalm when he was killed by the aliens. That is the prayer that you pray when you are heading for death, right? Every time I see a movie, they pray that prayer when they are about to die. Is that what it is about?

In case you have wondered about this very thing, I have started a study on the 23rd Psalm that I am making available on these pages. All our lives, we have heard this Psalm. In Sunday school, we are even expected to memorize it. People say it when nothing else comes to mind. But do we really know what it means? When someone recites the Psalm, usually they are just repeating it, without actually understanding it. So, we are going to study what it actually means. We will take it verse by verse, breaking it down into separate studies. I invite you to join me.

Click here for verse 1 of the study on Psalm 23.
"The Lord Is My Shepherd."

After that, there will be other studies and thoughts from God's Word for you.