by Lura Langenback

© 12/10/01

Next time you're outside (or when the weather permits), take a quick look at the leaves on the trees. Check them out carefully. Did you notice that they aren't the same? Each in some small, possibly insignificant way, is different. Maybe it's the shape or the color, size, type. All different, yet they are leaves, not branches nor trees. I can now hear the 'yeah and?' coming through loudly and clearly. In my prayer time today, the Lord showed me this. I, too, was puzzled by the importance of this revelation, something I really hadn't paid much attention to since my days in biology class. But then He mentioned that they were unique, each grown separately from the rest, even on the same branches, each in it's own world, yet part of the greater. I began to get the idea!

We are God's creation. Each are unique, separate individuals, even those born into the same families. We are different according to size, color, type, shape, yet we are all His creation. Not that this alone is a revelation to anyone. Yet, God deliberately, willingly, lovingly made each of us separate, unique. That word UNIQUE started to reverb through my being. Our Father took the effort to make each and everyone of us completely unique from the others. No matter who may look just like you, there is no other YOU! No clones, no 'oops, I made a mistake. Got to make another one.' And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. He put love into each one of His creations. Compassion carved us carefully into someone special. God cares SO MUCH for each of us that if Jesus had come and died and only ONE PERSON believed that, He would have done it for the one. That much love has our Lord for us.

Questions pop into my mind. For instance, how does He do that? Lovingly. Of course, God lives outside of 'time' so that has no significance. But now just imagine creating each soul, each spirit, each body separately. Love shining in His Eyes with each sigh of His breath giving life to another baby, watching that child grow within the mother, seed of life, planted, nurtured tenderly, cupped inside the Father's Hand. Tears of joy flowing through the labor of love. Laughing when that child gurgles out life sounds for the first time. Can you imagine God acting like this? What WOULD a happy father do on such an occasion? Interesting, isn't it? The Father is present for every birth.

Does this taste of love have a happy ending? Depends. Do God's children walk in love? Are they seeing what He has for them? If even one child hates another, it's not what God intends. I have looked for the Heart of God, seeking that still. It is an amazing discovery, one I would never ever miss and recommend to you. If you study about God, sooner or later you will have to study God Himself. His Heart is all over everything in the scriptures. He has written them lovingly, given to us as His Word, His guide for our lives. He loves us so very much. He loved us enough to sacrifice His Own Child, Jesus, so that we could come into the kingdom, the family. Jesus died so that you might live.

Do you honestly believe that the loving Father Who creates all things would have some type of 'person factory' to churn out copies of this model and that make? No way! Look around you. Don't take my word for it. Really LOOK around at the world but don't look at the sin or the dirt. Seek out HIS creation, not the world's. Look at the trees, grass, bushes. Smell the flowers, see the colors, hear the birds.Perceive what God has created, what He is showing us. If you cannot get to anything like this, go to a flower shop, or just look at something that grows. You can even find it in the desert. Surf the web for natural pictures. If you truly want to see, it is there for you.

My favorite paintings and pictures all have country scenes, mountains, rivers, growing things. It's a passion in my life to behold the beautiful visions before my eyes. Sometimes I feel so insignificant when I look at the stars, mountains, even trees since they are so much taller than I. Then God reminds me that they are all His creation but that He gave us something that those things, however beautiful they might be, do not have. We are made in God's image. Most people read over that and do not see the vast importance of that statement. No, we do not all LOOK alike but GOD sees us differently. We are made in His image spiritually because THAT is what God is, Spirit. But see? Nothing else in all of God's kingdom, in this world, under this world, is made like that. Not angels, not other created beings that we cannot fathom, nothing else is comparable to us in any way. Animals do not have spirits. Plants do not have spirits. Each in it's own way breathes, has life. Some have souls but nothing else has a spirit except us.

I encourage each one of you to look inside yourselves, not to see how great or small you are, but to see what God has made, a special creation. Then look at the Lord. Behold and appreciate that He made you unique, different from anyone else. Why? Beacause He loved you SO MUCH that He didn't want to make a clone. If for no other reason than that, you are worth something! Then take a look at the Heart of God. It's an awesome thing to behold.

1 Chronicles 16:11, "Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually."

Isaiah 55:6, "Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:"

Look for the heart of God in all you do, in who you are. It is a glorious gift He has given to you. If you do not know Jesus as your Savior and Lord, please go to Him, ask Him into your heart. Believe me, it's worth every breath you take and that, too, is a blessed gift of God.