To Biochip or Not To Biochip. That Is The Question

Are they really such a good idea?

by Lura Langenback

© June 17, 2002

In another article that I posted quite recently called "Arise Sleeper! Take Notice!", a comment was made that stated it didn't seem to be a problem to have a computer tracking chip. That got me thinking about that and the GPS system that is becoming so popular in cars these days. Senarios began to cross my mind. I thought I would share one of them with you.

A man and his family were very devoted Christians. That is, they were faithful in all that the Lord had asked of them. They went to church to comply with the scripture that said not to forsake the assembling of themselves together. There was prayer time at home and the children were taught about the Bible, Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit. Each family member was responsible for learning scriptures and showing the others what they found out. It was truly a joyful time in their lives. The family was fairly well off, lovely home, bills paid, two nice cars, children very polite. The man had a good job and he was recognized often for his company loyalty because he would not only do his job but went the extra mile.

One day, the government set in motion a law that stated that all new cars must have the GPS tracking system and that all older cars must be retrofitted with the system in the next year. In order to comply, one only had to go to a dealership and have it installed at no charge. How wonderful! It tracks a person's car no matter where it is. If it's stolen, the police can find it almost at once and recover it. Additionally, it has an amazing feature that shows a person where they are, a map to show if they are on course, and tells the destination.

The man decided to take the older car to get it fitted with the GPS system. His new one already had it and was working nicely. As he made his way to the dealership, something started to bother him about other usages for this amazing system. Since it was possible to track the car, could it be that someone would want to keep an eye on probable enemies of the state? Sure. Take the terrorists, for example. That sounded great. Yet, it bothered him, too, for some reason. He knew that the system was capable of telling him many things including who was in the car, should it be stolen. But what if someone chose to track him? He remembered reading about WWII and the way Hitler and his troops acted toward what they called enemies, the Jewish people and those who helped them. If they had had the tracking system, even more so-called enemies would have been captured and executed. That wasn't so good.

The man remembered another feature of the tracking system and suddenly his blood ran cold. It was capable of turning off the car while in motion too. What if those in authority concluded that anyone who does not like the way the government was handling things were targeted as an enemy and tracked, shutting the car down if, in the opinion of those same officials, a person was running, whether they were or not? He hurried back home without adding the system to the older car.

In the months after, nothing much happened. The family went on doing as they had always done. Life was pretty normal. On the news one night, the man and his wife heard about a chip that was being distributed that could change their lives. The medical applications were awesome. After it was inserted under the skin, any hospital or doctor could immediately know all of the person's health history by using a scanner. The chips were already in use in many large cities with wonderful results. Many lives were saved.

It also had other abilities such as tracking capabilities. Children that once would have been lost due to kidnapping were now recovered safely. Little ones lost because they wandered off into dangerous areas were found easily. Another very convenient use was that it had in it a person's entire financial history. Banking would be so much easier. Paychecks no longer would be issued. They could be conveniently direct-deposited into an account. The chip is then used by going to a store, purchasing items, having the chip scanned to pay for the purchase, thus eliminating credit cards that could be lost or stolen. The chip could be put in a hand or forehead.

The man and woman were shocked. Was it possible that this was the mark of the beast that was spoken of in the Bible? Surely not. People believed that the end of the world was coming all through history and nothing ever happened before. Yet the news story said that soon it would be mandatory, not a choice at all.

In the days that followed, the law was passed that no one could buy, sell, hold a job, or do any sort of business without the chip. Christians would not agree to this. Others just did not want to have a problem with authorities and took the chip. Police started to round up those who would not comply with the laws concerning the GPS system and the chip. The government put out the statement that anyone not complying with the laws of the land would be, not only arrested, but also considered enemies of the state, stripping them of any rights they might have. Lists were made of groups that were considered known enemies. They were extremely long.

Being faithful Christians, the man and his family stedfastly opposed the chip. Since they read the Bible, it was unthinkable to comply with such laws. They began thinking of going into hiding. As the plans were being made in a family meeting that night, there was a knock on the door. Suddenly, an explosion rocked the house as the police blew in the front door. As neighbors watched, the family was dragged into cars and driven away. Onlookers just shook their heads believing that those people were criminals and it's only right that this happened. There were no outcries of injustice. In fact, there was a peace in the neighborhood that had not been for a long time. The man, his wife, and the children were arrested for being enemies of the state. There was no trial.

I guess you are now possibly thinking that this is scary but it's only a story, not real. Think for a moment about what is written in the Bible concerning just such a time as this.

Revelation 13:16-18, "And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six."

In the past, only tatoos were available for such things. Hitler used them to mark the people in the concentration camps. Yet, there were drawbacks since it was possible to remove it if an escape was managed. Regardless of the relentless efforts of the Gestapo and the SS, it was still conceivable to escape notice and leave. There are many such stories.

Now, the technology is such that, should someone want to do so, it would virtually be impossible to escape a system like that, or nearly so. If anyone wants to question this possibility and figure that the government will not do this sort of thing because the outcry would be enormous, then you have not watched the congress passing law after law that has removed our freedoms, one by one.

It is now lawful for a police officer to enter your home without a warrant if he or she has reason to believe that a crime is being committed, that a suspect is hiding inside, or that a person is acting in a suspicious manner. It is possible for officers to pull over cars or trucks and do a search, tearing the vehicle apart looking for weapons or illegals substances. It is legal for our government to listen in on every single phone call made, including cellphones. If they record certain key words, they check further. They can read your emails, no matter how private you think they are. Companies are installing watchdog programs to check the employees usage of the internet on company time.

More? Stores have already or are installing sound and video recording equipment because of theft. There are cameras in places that should never have them. Your privacy is already nearly gone. "Well, it's a small price to pay for safety," you say. But now, if you try on clothing at a store, the camera sees. Bathrooms are no longer considered safe because of video recordings. The scanners used at the stores beep if you take merchandise out illegally. What if that same system tracks the chips in the future? What if you don't have one?

Even more? There are currently tracking systems installed at stoplights and other places to record your speed. It also records your license plate and takes a picture of your car. On the toll roads, there is a tracking system in place for those who pay by the month rather than each time they go through. There are monitors in construction areas for people who speed through them, recording the same things. I have to tell you here that I am an ex-over the road trucker. I have not been on the road since 1992. Those systems were in operation then. They are more sophisticated now.

More still? As a trucker, I had to comply with a law that said I had to get a CDL license in order to drive a truck. That law was passed in the '80s but implemented in the beginning of the '90s. That license is a federal one. That means that it does not belong to the issuing state. The states now have the capability of checking out someone throughout the USA because the license is national. "What does that have to do with me? I'm not a trucker." The plans were then to try it out in the trucking industry. If it worked there, it would be used for all drivers.

How do I know this? Because they did the same thing with GPS. I had a satellite system on my truck. The company knew my every move within a foot. They knew how long I slept, where, when, and other private things. Perhaps you think that it is the right of the company to know where their equipment is and you would be right. Yet, our freedom to decide where to eat, sleep, and other things were being denied us. When a person leaves a job to go home, the job does not go with them unless they choose that. A trucker is in that truck 24/7 until they go home for a rest. I was out in that truck for weeks at a time. Some are able to be home more. I was not, at that time.

May I go one step further here? Our children are being taught things that never were supposed to be taught in years gone by. At times, history is rewritten in school books so that they are not given the true story of what has happened in the past. They are being provided with information about sex and contraceptives whether the parents want this or not. It is no longer the choice of the parent what information, of such a personal nature, is given to the child and when. Discipline in schools is much less now because of laws that say teachers cannot do this or that. I am not saying certain laws are bad, within the context of what they were meant to do. Yet, there are ways to pervert the laws, to make them twisted to do what some want rather than what is moral and proper. Freedom to pray has been taken from the children. Regardless of what faith you are, even if you do not believe in a Creator, your child should have the right to bow his or her head for silence, if nothing else. But that is not possible because someone would think a child was praying.

As a Christian, I see the signs of the times, as written in the Bible. Yes, it is open to interpretation, I suppose, unless you read it and take it literally as written. It is truly amazing what you can see, if you do just that. All I ask is that you think about the possible uses of such technology if it goes into the wrong hands. If you are doubting, then think of this. The "A" bomb was designed from technology that was never intended to be used like that.

Hopefully, questions will start coming to you about all this. I don't have all the answers. I am questioning things myself. We play the "what if" game. So, let's do that here. What if the GPS system can track your every move, even if you believe yourself to be a law abiding citizen? What if you are arrested and jailed just because you look suspicious and for no other reason? What if you are expected to take that chip, whether you want it or not? No longer your choice. We value our freedom in the United States yet they are being stolen, one by one. What if the very freedom to write here is denied you because of something you wrote that someone official does not like? What if they shut you down because of it? What if your child is being taught something that is totally wrong, in your opinion, but because it comes from the government, you cannot have that decision anymore? What if you are arrested simply because you want to read a book but because it is banned, you have broken the law? What if everything you hold dear is removed from you just because an official does not like the way you think, look, act?

I can only bring these things out so that you can examine them. Maybe I am nuts and you should just forget what I wrote. But what if I am not? What if what the Bible has to say about all this is totally accurate? Perhaps it truly is time to question these things. Jesus said to come to Him, that He would forgive your sins if you only would ask. He died on the cross for you in order to do just that. He has invited you into the family of God. But what if you don't want that? What if you don't believe it is possible? Are you willing to bet eternity?