The Debate On The Life And Death Of Terri Schiavo

May it please the court.

by Lura Langenback

© 03/22/05

Below is one of the many current surveys concerning Terri Schiavo and what to do about her rights. Some of you will applaud this survey, some will be sickened, some will see it as part of the end times and, God help us, some will be totally indifferent, wishing that it would simply go away. Is this really what you want for your child, spouse, parent, to starve to death slowly, agonizingly?

Matthew 24:10-12, "And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold."

I read in Matthew 24 that hearts shall wax cold. Yes, it is such a time as this. Those who have cold hearts will be ready to allow a person who is supposedly in a "persistent vegetative state", whatever that actually means, to starve to death. This is as cold-hearted an act as any I have ever seen. Just ask any person who is currently starving to death. Those of us wellfed who have plenty (and if you have eaten a meal today or plan to have "three square meals" then you have more than enough) have not been able to or care to get food to them. Many, too many, are children who do not make this decision for themselves.

I am sickened and disgusted with judges, legislators, relatives or any other person who is so interested in killing a person like this. They are willing to watch this person suffer for what appears to be at least a week to two weeks. But, you see, this is the thing. THEY are not going to watch this. They are not going to go through this themselves. But then there are the experts. Ah, the experts. Those wonderful souls who, by the very fact that their life is not in danger, have never themselves starved to death, so have NO CLUE as to what she is going through, tell us that she is not suffering at all. Yeah right.

May it please the court? Why on earth should we even CARE to please the court now? I don't. I ask you, I beg you....PLEASE pray that this woman does not suffer. Please pray for the souls of those cold hearts that are willing to let her go through this when they, themselves, are not going through this horrible thing.

Father, as I sit here crying for this woman I have never met, I ask You to intervene, to put Your Hand upon her in whatever way You see fit. I pray for those who are so heartless as to allow her to suffer the time it will take for her to die. I ask that they see what they are doing so that they may repent before they are put into such a position themselves. I pray for the parents who know that their child is being starved to death, who have to watch this thing happen to their child without the ability to change this. I pray for the husband. Father, I pray for each person who is involved and those who are watching, like I am, from the sidelines, helplessly.

Finally, I pray that regardless of the outcome of this painful process, that through this someone will come to You, to see that Jesus died on a cross for them because He loves them. I pray that in these days of celebration for His death and resurrection someone will have their eyes opened to the cruel hearted world we live in and see that Jesus Christ is the breath and life of each of us. Father, they know not what they do. In the precious Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

May it please the court, I have here the proof of my facts, the cold hearts of the United States of America.

Survey for Tue, Mar 22, 2005
Schiavo Debate

1. This week, both houses of Congress passed a bill allowing the parents of Terri Schiavo - a severely brain-damaged woman in Florida - to challenge the removal of her feeding tube in federal court. President Bush quickly signed the bill into law, vowing to "stand on the side of those defending life for all Americans." Legislators opposed to the bill said that Congress was wrong to intervene by overruling state courts and politicizing a tragic family matter.

Do you think Congress was right to intervene in the controversy over the removal of the feeding tube?

19% - Yes

71% - No

10% - I'm not sure

I rest my case.