The People Who Discovered The


By Stayci - age 8


Once there were people(mostly women and no children) in what seemed to
be an audience, but there was no stage and the people were seated in a
circle(everyone was in a seat). Then suddenly the auditorium dissapeared
and in it's place there was a Path. Everyone followed the Path. It lead
them to Heaven. It was a beautiful place. They saw trees, flowers,and
birds. Then they saw a strange fuigure with a two edged sword in his
mouth seated among many other strange fuigures. They were REALLY scared
of the first fuigure,so they backed up. "Back up no further" the first
fuigure said. They stopped and found that they were shaking. They tried
to stop shaking and found that they couldn't.So they tried harder. To
there estonishment, they stopped shaking. Then the ones that had glasses
(because they were used to it) went to adjust them and found that there
glasses had dissapeared. (Everyone had asked Jesus into their heart,
went a little further,and then stopped.) And then they looked about
themselves and then saw the beauty all around them, and realised that
outside they were pretty on the outside but, inside, they were as ugly as
a dog who first rolled in mud, then (somehow, but that doesen't
matter.)got syrup all over it,got dry, then rolled in more mud. So they
asked for forgiveness. Then they realised that it wasn't real and they
all changed and lived happily ever after. But they made a few
mistakes.So if you haven't made Jesus Lord of you're life, say this
prayer with me.'Dear Jesus, please come into my heart. Please forgive me
for my sins. I thank you for dieing for me. Please be lord of my life.
Please help me to do what You want me to do. Thank You for helping me
so far.Amen.













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