Sleep, My Child. It's Convenient.


by Lura Langenback

© 10/3/04

I am going to step right into the mud puddle in the beginning of this article. As recently as this morning, I saw a survey that asked the question: "Generally speaking, do you think that euthanasia (ending the life of an individual suffering from a terminal illness or an incurable condition, as by lethal injection or the suspension of extraordinary medical treatment) is humane or inhumane?" Frankly, I did not think that much would shock me but today this survey did although at this point I am wondering why it does. Would it shock you to know that most of the people that answered that survey believed that it IS humane to terminate a life?

Next question. For those who agree with the question, what happens when it is YOU that they want to terminate? Not because of a terminal illness or other such "humane" reasoning but because someone now finds you not worth the effort to keep? Your life no longer has meaning. Perhaps you are infirm, older, past retirement age, disabled, sick, in bed for some or no reason. Maybe the only problem you have is that the government no longer wants to give you the money that you have earned all of your life. You are too old to work anymore or too sick to do anything. Now what? Do you think that it's too George Orwell of me to suggest euthanasia parlors? Really? Yes, I guess that would be too far out there. Sort of like abortion clinics are too far out there.

Oh, did I step on a toe or two? I will not apologise for saying that euthanasia and abortion are forms of murder. We get all riled up and horrified when the bad guys come along and fly a couple of big planes into the World Trade Center. We cry and come together as a nation, as we should, because four airplanes were used as murder devices to kill thousands of innocent people who had lives ahead of them. Yet, we kill our unborn in the name of convenience. Should it now shock someone to find out that they are contemplating the euthanasia (murder) of the disabled and the older people who, for whatever reason, have become useless, a burden to society? Those are the words, aren't they? Please forgive the bluntness of this next statement but it says what I need to say about all this. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!!!!

WAKE UP, CHRISTIANS! WAKE UP, AMERICA! WAKE UP, ANYONE WHO CARES ABOUT PEOPLE AT ALL!!! Where are the people who care for life? Where is the outcry for the unborn and the disabled and seniors? Oh yes, all those groups that tell us the usual retoric, just like those happy politicians and their blah blah blah.

On my website, I have article after article about times changing in a direction that we do not want to go but we are still careening down an extremely slippery slope that appears to have no end. These articles, for the most part, go unread because no one wants to know any of this. When are the people who care going to wake up and see exactly what is going on? TOO LATE, that's when.

Folks, these are the last days, no question. It may take Jesus years to come back. However, everything we read in the books of Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation are in front of your eyes right this minute! So what do YOU do about it? To start, why not check out Jesus? Yes, I will tell you about our Savior. It is my duty and my exquisite pleasure to tell you about my Lord Jesus. He is calling to you right now. Yes, YOU. No matter what you have done, He loves you. He is willing to forgive you right this minute. All you have to do is ask Him. He died on that cross for you so that you would not have to go to the hell God has prepared for the followers of the devil. Hell was not meant for you. God has built heaven for His children. You are His creation. He has patiently waited for you to ask Him into your heart. Tell Him everything you have done wrong. Ask Him to forgive you! It does not matter what you have done. He is ready right now. Please consider doing that today.