From A Silent Moment

Wrapped in His Arms.

by Lura Langenback

© 02/07/02

Out of a silent moment comes the Love, the Word.

Quietly, without banners or fireworks, stillness.

Thoughts streaming through love. Alive.

He is there, waiting for a prayer,

a plea in times of peaceful silence.


Always a Gentleman, never demanding,

never insisting on His way, yet powerful.

A refuge, fortress, peace in the eye of a storm.

Wrapped in His Arms, in spirit. Comfort, joy.

Gentle Hands caress, talk softly, encouraging.


But sometimes thoughts, memories of times gone by.

Things that should have been, some that shouldn't.

Times of sadness, joy, contemplation, contentment.

Thinking of projects unborn, things completed.


Then comes Love. Out of a silent moment, a Voice,

small yet powerful. Knowing, seeing, loving.

Showing the path, well lit and glowing.

Beckoning, inviting me to follow.

I go to Him.


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