Who's Responsibility Is It?

Judging by the hits on this article, you, like most of the world, don't want to know the answer.

by Lura Langenback

© Jul 12, 2004

All around us today, we see that someone wants to know who is responsible. We have a 9/11 commission looking into that very question right this moment. Fingers are pointing in almost all directions save one. Who is responsible?

The answer, that absolutely no one wants to hear, is that we are, all of us. I can only speak for Americans because that is my experience. Americans are arrogant, selfcentered individuals who feel that much is owed to them, things they have not earned but know that it belongs to them nevertheless. Oh yes, if you now feel righteous in believing that does not include you because you are not American, then you are wrong. Despite what you have been taught, you are not owed anything from anyone.

However, as Americans, we had it in our pointy little heads that while the world reels from terrorism, it cannot touch us on our own soil. We grow up believing that we are strong, invincible. We are mighty, untouchable. Uh huh. That attitude and removing God from our nation caused 9/11, not the lack of attention to details by the FBI, CIA, President or whomever that the commission is facing at the moment. They seek someone to blame. That is the whole point of any such commission regardless of what they tell us they are doing. They, as most people do, choose not to look in the mirror to see those responsible. You have likely not looked in that mirror either. No one wants to do that. It is too ugly to contemplate, isn't it?

This world is full of people who choose not to take the responsibility for their own actions. That is why we have wars. That is why we have such things as 9/11 disasters. What is so very arrogant about Americans is that other countries live with this sort of thing on a smaller scale every day but only when it comes to our doorstep is it important enough to notice. But isn't the world like that? Hide our eyes from the evil because we are not involved. Never get involved. After all, it is not our fight. It happened to them, not us. We will be neutral and then when it isn't to our liking, we can object and point fingers. Isn't it all about hiding our eyes and pointing our fingers? That is worldwide. We Americans watch our televisions and say "Tsk Tsk, isn't that sad?" Then we go about our business knowing that it will not come to us like that. But now it has. Now it becomes important to us.

Now, 9/11 is not important enough to us to remember the day it happened. Don't get mad at that statement. Think of where it leads. That day, we were a nation, united as one. We wept as one. But time has passed. Now we forget the tears. It's time to point fingers and all of those fingers MUST point to someone......as long as it is not myself.

But why has this happened in the first place? We were not diligent enough to spot the terrorists? We did not see what was in front of our eyes? What caused the problem in the first place? And here is where the majority of readers will stop reading, if they have not already. Two words. God and responsibility. We have thrown both to the wind. God is not in our nation anymore. The laws and lawgivers have made certain of that. They have stripped us of God, prayer, and rights. We are no longer a free nation. We fight to free others when we have none of those freedoms ourselves.

We do not teach our children the meaning of responsibility anymore. They grow up thinking that someone else has to be to blame. How is it they think that? Because that is what they hear at home. When you think they cannot hear you, the conversation turns to blame others for what you have done to yourself. You KNOW in your heart what I mean if you will listen. Now no one wishes to assume responsibility for their own actions. We are ALL to blame for the deaths on 9/11.

But, you say, I am just one person. I cannot do anything to change this. Really? ONE PERSON had prayer removed from our schools. One person, a justice of the supreme court said something about "separation of church and state" and now NO ONE remembers that there IS NO SUCH THING. If you don't believe that, do a little research. Check out what that statement is really supposed to be. Our country isn't supposed to be separated FROM God but TO God. Our country was founded on God and the principles that God laid down for us. Over the course of time, people have corrupted these things to make it appear that there should be separation of church and state. There is to be a church free from the government oppression and red tape. THAT is the separation, not getting God out of our schools and government. Those who would try to tear down our country would have you believe that God should never be mentioned anyplace. That simply is not true. It is time that the people of this country understand that. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! WAKE UP, CHILD OF GOD!!! Your country is going down the pot and you are sitting and watching.

Now is the time and this certainly is the place to begin to put God and responsibility back into our lives. Right here, right now. Our Father, which art in heaven hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, THY will be done in earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, AS WE FORGIVE our debtors. And lead us not into temptation but DELIVER US FROM EVIL. For THINE is the kingdom and the power and the GLORY forever. Amen.

You can change the path that your country is going. You can make a difference. If you do your part and the next guy does his part, what do you think will happen? God and responsibility will be back where they belong. What is your responsibility here? What do you have to do? Pray. Talk to the Lord. He knows His plan and He will give it to you if you will only ask Him. It is time for the Body of Christ to rise up and become the voice that we should have been for so long. Come now, let us reason together.