Dwelling In The Secret Place....Psalm 91:11-12

The angels are handling it!

by Lura Langenback

© 02/25/05

Psalms 91:11-12, "For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone."

As we have been noticing, God is taking care of us, giving us peace and safety. Throughout this Psalm, we are seeing a picture of protection. We can hide under His wing away from the pain and difficulties of life. The only requirement is that we have to take the time to actually be with the Lord for this to happen. He has seen us through plagues and injury, nightmares and terrors, evil snares and perilous pestilence. He is the refuge we need in these times. But how does He do this?

The verse today tells us that He puts the angels in charge of our wellbeing. They are to keep us safe in all that we do. They actually take us into their hands so that we do not stumble on stones in our path. How much more can we ask? Yet, their are many who will say "but I had sickness and almost died" or "no matter what I did, the problem did not get solved like I expected."

God promises to take care of us, to keep us in safety but He cannot do this if we, ourselves, walk off of the path that He provides. First, we must listen to what God is saying. Then we need to follow Him in all things. That way and only when we follow Him can we enjoy the blessings of his refuge and safe protection. It is impossible for the angels, commissioned by God, to do other than what they have been ordered to do for us.

Sometimes, I think that we expect them to do what we order them to do. We even get arrogant in our thinking that once we become a child of the King that we can have anything we want, possibly that we are untouchable, wrapped in the cocoon of God's mercy and grace. That is not possible unless we are completely in line with God and His Word. The angels can only do those things that are right for us, things God has planned for our lives. If they were to go against God, they would be cast out of heaven like one third of them were with Satan.

Isn't it an awesome thought? God orders angels to watch over us, to keep us from harm. They actually hold us. But what do they do if we are not in line with God? I cannot say for certain because I have never seen this but I imagine that they have to stand back, watch the things we are doing wrong, fold their arms and call out to God to be allowed to help, especially when we are in a perilous situation because we brought it on ourselves by not listening to God and doing what He wants for us. It is obvious that they love us. God is love and gives us love even in the form of angels who do not want to see us come to harm.

Have you ever felt like this? If only I had listened to God, I wouldn't have had that car wreck. If only I had prayed, we wouldn't be losing our house right now. If only, if only, if only. I think we have all had twenty twenty hindsight at one time or another. But do we then seek God? Sometimes. Sometimes not. Why? Because the situation is over and we have to move on to something else. Now that is where the mistake gets bigger and bigger. How about starting right now, right where you are. Why not simply start praying and listening to God? When you do, the blessings flow and angels take hold of you. The angels are handling the situation. Wow! That would be awesome!