You Must Pay The Price


by Lura Langenback

© 03/22/02

All through your life you pay a price for things. Much of the time you don't even notice. You just do it. Why is that? Because we are so used to doing this that it escapes us. Only when someone draws attention to a thing do we take a closer look at it. I would like to take a moment of your time and show you that if you pay the price, you can achieve all you desire. Oh, if you will get a grasp on this, you will be so blessed.

When going to the store, do you ever believe that you can have something without paying for it? Some folks believe that they actually can take things without purchasing the item but what happens? Sooner or later, they are caught and they pay the price of doing a criminal act by going to jail or prison. However, if you do want something from the store and are a good citizen, you pay for the item because you know that it's the proper thing to do in order to stay out of trouble.

From the day you are born, there is a struggle. It takes effort and energy to sit up, stand, walk, talk. And it takes time. Babies do things over and over again because deep inside themselves they know that in order to achieve the goal they must continue to work at it. They are not even aware that this is possible or impossible. It is just part of the growing process, a piece of built-in information. Do you realize that babies have no perception of impossibility? They just do it until it works. Do they give up? Perhaps for a small time but the next thing you know, the child is back at it. I watched my daughter trying to stand up when she was a little over a year old. She was persistent, not willing to stop because she fell. She crawled over to a low table, raised herself up and began to walk, holding onto the table. At some point, it occurred to her to let go. She fell. Up she climbed again, once more holding the table, not stopping until the walking she desired was accomplished. The smile of that child was worth the wait. She glowed in satisfaction of a job well done. Then she went to on to another thing, starting again, working until she could do that as well.

In all of that, my daughter spent many hours learning that lesson. She paid a price of time. It did not occur to her that it was needed, she just did it. When you purchased that item at the store, you paid for it because it was needed, you did not question it. If you desire to do something better, you take the time to learn it, no matter what it is. You pay a price. It may be time, money, relationships. Whatever the price, you pay it because if you don't, the skill or item cannot be yours.

A friendship may seem at times to be born overnight but in order to really know a person, you must take the time to be with them. There are prices to pay. If that friend needs you, if you are a true friend, then you drop what you are doing and go to that person. Why? Because you are their friend. If they are a friend, they will do the same. True relationships like that take time, effort, love, compassion, sharing, listening. Real friendship means that you would do anything for them and they would do the same. Any relationship of that caliber takes energy and effort. It is almost like a marriage, a bonding. What is all this about anyway?

Many of you have already experienced being born again. You have asked the Lord Jesus into your life. Now what? (note: if you have not yet asked Jesus into your life, at the end of this article there will be a prayer you can pray with me to achieve this goal.) You go to church, spend a few moments in prayer, maybe read your bible occasionally. Except for a few minor changes, it's life as usual. Or perhaps you really got on fire for the Lord. Bible studies and reading are pretty common with you now. Great!! Every time the church has a function, there you are working, volunteering your time. It's a price but worth it. You are serving the Lord. Or maybe you find yourself somewhere in between these things. Still, there is something missing. It's just beyond your reach. Possibly you don't even know what it is, only that others have 'it' and you don't.

I recall when I was first born again. It was such a blessing to me. I had come home. Yet after a while, I noticed that others had a 'something' that I did not. There was a certain level of operation in their lives that I had not yet attained. At first, it seemed that it was because they had been doing more for the Lord than I had. That was it. All I had to do was do more, increase my efforts in being at church more, volunteering more. No, that didn't change anything except that I was more busy. Of course, it was God's work. Of that I was sure. Or was I?

When you are born again, it is a free gift. God gives you your life back in a way that is so far superior to what you had that it is impossible to really see it all at the beginning. There are no strings attached to this gift. He will not demand that you go farther and many folks don't. They are satisfied with just being born again. But there is so much MORE! How do I know? Because when you were born the first time, did you stay a baby? Of course not! Your body grew, your mind grew, your experiences grew.

God expects you to do the same thing with rebirth. The difference here is this time it's your choice. You can grow or stay put. But growth will require a price. It always does. That price is the time and effort you put into actually becoming closer to the Lord. It takes study, prayer, meditation (in God's terms, this means thinking about a subject, working it out in your mind. It does not mean what the world calls meditation. There are no chants, no humming. You do not lose control.). This is a relationship, friendship, fellowship that Jesus is seeking with you. If you ignore Him, you cannot...I said CANNOT get closer to Him. If all you do is a small prayer every now and then, you will not know the Lord. Remember your friendships? They take time, effort, love, compassion, sharing, LISTENING! Please understand that this is the Person Who died for YOU! He paid the ultimate price for your salvation. Are you now going to ignore Him?

But, you say, I don't ignore Him. I pray before work. I ask Him for all the things I need. Tell me, what kind of friendship do you have with someone if they are always asking for something from you but never giving anything in return? Do you stay friends very long? Sounds to me like that person doesn't understand true friendship. Getting the picture? This relationship, friendship requires a price that you must pay in order to be closer. You must get to know Him, be with Him, love Him, enjoy Him. Yes, you CAN enjoy Jesus. True happiness, true joy, true satisfaction and PEACE come when you get to the place in the Lord Jesus that can be called relationship, friendship and fellowship. He will listen to you but then you will listen to Him. The very best relationships I have ever had came when I could sit down and just talk and listen. Give and take. Doing things together. As you get closer to the Lord, not only do you grow but you also find all of those things that you have been seeking for all your life. And the rewards are awesome!!!

He is calling to you right now:
Revelation 3:20, "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me."

And what happens when you open the door? He comes in, has meals with you, lives with you. The rewards?

Matthew 6:33, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."

All the things you need or desire will come to you. Note here: when you begin to really get to know Jesus, your desires change. You will notice that the things you thought were fun, no longer appeal to you. But new things become fun, enjoyable. Desires change, grow. Read the scriptures I have just quoted to you. Also read the ones all around to get the full picture. Do NOT take my word for these things. Check them out for yourself. Never, ever take the word of a pastor, preacher, or teacher without reading it for yourself. We may have a Word from the Lord but you will never grow in Him if you do not do the work, pay the price. There is one more thing. The price you pay is so very small compared to the rewards that after a while, it no longer feels like work, no longer a price to pay. The joy and peace that come with doing this pass all understanding.

For those folks who have not yet come to Jesus, I have a wonderful, lifesaving prayer for you. Or if you have already prayed but are not living your life the way you should, please come and partake of the gift offered today.

Lord Jesus, You paid the ultimate price for my life when You died on the cross for me. I did not deserve it but You love me so much that You took my place. You died and rose again and now sit at the right hand of the Father, talking to Him for me. Jesus, You are my High Priest. Please forgive me for the sins I have committed. I ask You now to come into my life, clean me up, make me a new creation. Fill me to overflowing with the Holy Spirit. Live with me, teach me to grow and to know You. Thank You, Lord. In Jesus' Name, Amen..

Hey, you just became part of the family of God! Now go get that bible and start reading. Find a church home that teaches out of the bible. Not all do that. But above all, get to know your Savior and Lord. Become the person that you were born to be. Yes, you pay a price but the rewards are beyond anything you can ask or even think!

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