My Outrage is Showing!!!


by Lura Langenback

© March 24, 2001

You know, in another article called 'World Ending? Who Said?", I mentioned that hearts have grown colder. Nothing shows that more completely than seeing the Supreme Court in this country overturning laws in several states in order to kill unwanted babies in what can only be THE most horrendous way for an infant to die. The procedure is called ' partial birth abortion'. If the Nazi prison camps didn't show you, if the gas chambers didn't do it, if watching people die on 'live' television doesn't do it, if seeing the drug dealers at your schools doesn't show you, then how about the wholesale killing of our unborn, God-given babies? Abortion in the name of convenience is the poorest excuse I have ever heard for murder. I am outraged and disgusted, not with the individual who can't find another way out, because they do not know what they do. The pro-choicers have given us the idea that it is better to have the abortion than to 'endure' the pain of the full term birth. It's 'better' for the 'unwanted' child. Who SAYS that child is unwanted? Legitimate adoption agencies are looking for children for the couples who are not able to have them and are hungry to be parents.

Thing is, we all make mistakes. So, this isn't about people who have sex at the drop of a hat. That's another, really needed, article. People get into situations and the result is a pregnancy. Or let's call it by the real name. A baby is growing. The excuse used to be that they 'just didn't know when the fetus changed into a child'. Now they know that there is life at conception. The mother panics. The problem is: the father doesn't want to be involved, the mother is too young, the parents don't have the money..the place to live...the time, or how about..I'm going to school and it would mess up my plans for graduation and career. Pick one or more of the previous reasons for abortion. If you look closely enough (it doesn't take much), you see how totally selfish these reasons are.

But I am not going to address 'regular' abortion, although I do not believe in it. I am not addressing the parents of these so-called unwanted children. Believe me, I love the people. I just hate the action. My outrage today is about children, who have grown almost to or are at term, who are being burned and torn apart by the nastiest procedure since the Nazis decided to experiment on human guinea pigs in the name of education. I am talking to the politicians, the legislators, and the supreme court. Most of all, I am talking to the highest court in this land who has now decided that they can take away the rights of the individual states and overturn the law banning partial-birth abortion. It was not a majority decision. It was split down the middle and the count was 5-4. That alone should tell them something. It wasn't unanimous. And if that was not enough, the ruling endangers many other states and their own laws protecting the unborn child from this procedure. Judges Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Anthony Kennedy were three of the four who voted in favor of the states rights to keep their own laws. Yes, this is old news but it isn't going away. When the federal legislators, aided by the supreme court and the current president, refuse to allow the states to make their own laws concerning THIS issue, it will not be long before bills come about to abolish the states rights to make laws. Can you see into the future? What will stop them from making laws saying that our freedoms, which are disappearing daily, will go by the wayside completely. The federal government will then be 'in charge'. Again, do you see into the future? Or, like some skeptics, do you think I'm just being paranoid? Did you know that the people thought the same thing during World War II in Germany? Sadly, they learned far too late. Do we need to do that as well? Open your eyes. This is not just about this issue.

Where is the outrage? Hearts have grown cold in this world. Is there any question on that? So, what can we do about this? First we pray. To some, this will sound corny, silly and not productive. Not true. Prayer changes things! Next, get in touch with your congressperson, your senator. The chief counsel handling this case at the supreme court level is Jay Alan Sekulow, American Center for Law and Justice. It is in the best interests, not only of the unborn child, but also for our own souls, that we act on this issue. Let me say this again. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE? You can make a difference. If even one child is born that would not have been, it is worth it!

This isn't a commentary on abortion. It's a commentary on what we are having to now endure and it's about our future. Do not shut your eyes. Do not read this and say 'but that is someone else'. Perhaps it is for now, but the laws that are made today are the ones that you will find hideously wrong tomorrow when it IS you. Maybe you will never have an abortion. This particular thing may not something you will have to face. But if these laws are not opposed now, the laws they make killing your grandparents, the disabled, the people that 'they' think are worthless will BE about you when you ARE the grandparent, the disabled, the worthless one.

One more thing you can do. If you have not talked to the Lord about this, do so. If you have not asked Jesus into your heart, now is the time. If not now, when? This could be the last article you ever read. Your life can end as swiftly as a blink of the eye or as casually as the child they abort.

Folks, it IS the last days. Do not make the mistake of thinking that it is just business as usual.