Miscellaneous Christian Articles

Christian Articles

If I Scream Will The Trees Hear Me?

Take God Out Of That Box!
Taken from the comments box on one of my articles: Where do Jews, Moslems, Buddhists and Hindu's fit into the equation or is heaven exclusively for Christians?

My Outrage is Showing!!!
My turn on the soapbox. Is partial-birth abortion the right thing to do?

Distractions? What Distractions?
What did you say? I was thinking of something else. A writer's plague.

Dear Jesus
Just a note to tell You thank You.

If It Were Not For You......
A personal letter

Come Dream With Me
How often do you lose yourself in a daydream? Come dream with me where ALL wonderful dreams come true.

The River
There it was sitting in front of me. The river.

Points Of Light
During the Christmas season, one of the things I love to see are the wonderful displays of Christmas lights

The Gift That Keeps Giving
Gifts that matter.

A gift.