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Christian Businesses

Link Exchange Partner  Your source for sterling silver rings, necklaces and pendants. Shipping is always free.
Discount Sterling Silver Jewelry at Blacksheep

- For quality sterling silver jewelry, you have a choice of one. Blacksheep.

Link Exchange Partner   Christian Clothing
Alternative Christian Clothing, specializing in cool Christian T-Shirts and Christian Accessories and special deals for your group fundraising.

Pending Link Exchange Partner  Christian T-Shirts, Apparel
Bold Christian t-shirts and other Christian apparel for guys, girls, and kids at

Link Exchange Partner  Purrfect Domains - Domain names for sale suitable for all of your business needs

Link Exchange Partner  

Pending Link Exchange Partner  300+ T-Shirt designs
Lots of T-Shirts at

Personal Pages & Blogs

Link Exchange Partner  Forward Thinking
Moving forward into the future.

Link Exchange Partner  Homesick for Home Business
Women's issues, Christian family stewardship and finances, home based business to keep Mom home or bring her back home, entrepreneurism, Bible studies, charity, fashion, and homeschool

Link Exchange Partner  Zoo Talk
God, life, job, politics, opinions, cooking, journal, shopping, bargains, and more.

Blogs of Friends & Family

A Peculiar Blog
Thoughts and opinions about news, events and almost anything else.

Old Li2

I Am Not A Hamster
Maybe you are, but I'm not

Another in a sea of odd blogs.

The (Other) End of the Internet
The last stop on the information superhighway. All traffic must exit in 500 feet.


Link Exchange Partner  The Living Vine Church. Pastor Thomas E. Miles

International Television Ministries:

Kenneth Copeland Ministries
Jesse Duplantis Ministries
Benny Hinn Ministries on-line
Jerry Savelle Ministries International
Trinity Broadcasting Network
Jack Van Impe Ministries International


Link Exchange Partner   Mark Lowry's reMarkable site Proof that Christians have a sense of humor, Mark Lowry is one of my favorite comedians.

Link Exchange Partner  Abiding In The Healing Word
Abiding In The Healing Word

Pending Link Exchange Partner Jesus Christ is God. He is alive, and loves you more than you love yourself.

Pending Link Exchange Partner  Breath of Fresh Air Ministries.
Poetry, Bible studies, and daily devotionals

Link Exchange Partner  Christ Centered
The Writings of Charles and Datha Darby

Link Exchange Partner  I Lift My Eyes Web Ministries
ILME focuses on prayer and intercession.
Includes an extensive Christian Links Directory of interest
to all believers as well as a chat room.

Link Exchange Partner  Into Thy Word Ministries
Into Thy Word Ministries

Link Exchange Partner  The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah

Pending Link Exchange Partner  Learn the Bible

Pending Link Exchange Partner  My Christian Walk

Link Exchange Partner  A Peculiar Place A Peculiar Place for a Peculiar People


American Christian Music Exchange

Christian Lyrics, CCM Music

Christian Lyrics Online -- Entertain Your Belief

The Gospel Station- Southern Gospel Music Radio Download free Christian music. Be inspired by anointed songs, Christian art, poetry and reflections.

WOAK Godly Christian Radio - Listen Online !!!!


Link Exchange Partner
Free E-Cards for all occasions

Abide in Christ Free Bible Studies & Sermons
Hundreds of free sermons, Bible studies & daily devotionals for Christian living.
Abide in Christ Free Bible Studies & Sermons Hundreds of free sermons, Bible studies & daily devotionals for Christian living.
A mega-site of Bible studies and information.  Free sermons, tracts, Bible helps, photos, and much more. Come learn about Jesus and tell a friend.
A mega-site of Bible studies and information. Free sermons, tracts, Bible helps, photos, and much more. Come learn about Jesus and tell a friend. - 10,000+ members - 40 Forums

Beacom - Your Christian Internet Web Station

Bible Quiz -
Bible Quiz -

FREE Bibles and Bible Study Software
FREE Bibles and Bible Study Software

Link Exchange Partner  Sharing information about time from the Bible

Charismatic Central brings all your favorite Pentecostal/ Charismatic / Word of Faith Ministries Websites and Resources to one convenient location.

Christian Cartoons - Over 1,000 Poems - MORE...
For Joy, Inspiration, Peace, and Comfort to ALL

Christian Family Resources + FREE Book - Walking In New Life!
"Walking In New Life" - Guide to understanding God's Word! Plus
our site offers many resources through reciprocal link exchanges and more.
Christian Family Resources + FREE Book - Walking In New Life! Christian resources of all kinds - Christian Internet Radio

The Clip Art Universe:
Tons of FREE animated gifs, backgrounds, dividers, pictures
and much more to make your homepage look gorgeous.
Crossway Christian ISP & Christian Resource Center. Christian Web Directory
Christian Portal, Search Engines, Directories and Top Sites linking the remnant of faith around the world Christian Web Directory

Jambe Enterprises
Jambe Enterprises

Praising Jesus As Lord Hosting
They're Not just any web host, They're a ministry!
Praising Jesus As Lord Hosting

Resources for Christian Teachers - 200 Top Christian Web Sites on one Page
The One Stop Resource for Christians

Link Exchange Partner  World English Bible

Search Engines & Directories:

Anointed Christian Links

Faith, the final frontier...
These are the voyages of the human race; whose continuing mission is to trust God in all areas and not waver, to seek out new insights from His Word, and to boldly offer Salvation to all who'll listen.
paraphrase by Graham Pockett (with apologies to Gene Roddenberry) Christian Search Engine Christian Internet Directory

Christian Paradise

Christians Unite

LightLinks 2000

Link-Me Christian & Family Resources
Link-Me Christian & Family Resources

Easily Find Christian Resources -My Christian Yellow Pages
This Site is Listed in My Christian Yellow Pages

USA Church is an online community designed to connect Christians with Christian churches, schools and businesses in their local community.
Sites For Christ

TopSites - Evangelism Tackle Box
TopSites - Evangelism Tackle Box

We Spread The Word



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