Last Days

Studying the Bible and what God has to say about prophecy and the Last Days and how we should be prepared for the return of Jesus and things like Christian sleepers, Biochips, The tribulation, The Holy Spirit, Jerusalem, Complacent Frogs, and an Invitation to a Wedding.
last days end times question

The Anticipation Of The Lord Jesus' Return
What do we do in the meanwhile?

What Is Your Focus?
An End Times Question.

What Happens If...?
Where do you go from here?

To Biochip or Not To Biochip. That Is The Question
Are they really such a good idea?

Arise Sleeper! The Hour Is Upon Us
'This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.' Do these words sound familiar? Daily in the news, there are stories about murders, rage, horrors that we might not have imagined some years ago although we should have known.

The HOLY GHOST Walks With Us
Today God IS pouring out His Spirit. The rate of those asking Jesus into their hearts in a single meeting is staggering. Prophecy is being fulfilled in front of your eyes.

Jerusalem: On The Edge?
Today's headlines are old news.

To Trib Or Not To Trib? That Is The Question
Going through the nasty stuff or not?

Harvest Time
The crop is ready

The Comfort Zone
Are you 'In the Zone' today?

Warning: Things Changing! Be Prepared!
Are you Informed?

World Ending? Who Said?
Answer to a skeptic.

World Ending? Not Yet
More answers to a skeptic.

The Wedding Is Tomorrow, By Invitation Only
By invitation. Still got yours? Hey, its controversial!

Letter to My Friends, Family, and You
Even those of you I havent met yet.