Ice Castles

by Lura Langenback

© 09/12/03

Weep no more for that lonely one sitting on the bench
who thinks of days gone by, of times in the sand.
Passersby see and no longer wonder, should I stop to ask.
The ice forms a small sheet all over the pump.

Weep not for the one who lost a pet, it wasn't that special anyway.
Show no mercy for the wrongdoer for they have done to themselves
what we cannot. "Jail them" shouts the crowd yearning for the blood.
The ice grows thicker around the pump.

Weep no more for the day of all days. Can't remember what happened.
All you know is that someone died but not to worry. You didn't know them.
Don't cry. Nothing happens here, not now. Look behind you not in front.
The ice gets harder to crack over the pump.

Cheer for the children. They learned the lesson well.
Ignore the pain that others feel. Has nothing to do with you.
Random lives, random hurts inflicted by the kids. Don't worry. Be proud.
The ice becomes a castle, so cold to dwell. The pump is ignored.

Cheer for the government staffed by the kids long grown and gone from home.
Proud are we that see our sons, our daughters in places of prominence.
Awarded by the feelings that seem good, yet deceive.
The ice grows thicker each tick of the clock. The pump is forgotten.

Cheer for the business born of a cheat. No matter. We are proud.
Success is our child, a chip off the old block. Buttons burst.
Sleight of hand, a magician instead. A business to run, begone rabbit!
The ice becomes an entity of it's own. There is no pump, they say.

Weep for those who see not the ice, the pump long forgotten.
Cry to the One Who can melt such a block.
Suddenly, the ice looks smaller and soon gone away.
Honor and truth pump furiously on. Ba-bump-ba-bump.

Cheer for the sleepers who have wakened to Light.
Brave souls knowing the damage undone,
teach new ways to the children no longer ignored.
The pump beats a new message strong and true.

There is a moral, I'm certain it's here.
One thing we know, the children are dear to us.
So cheer for the kids but teach them what's right.
The pump beats on filled by Another with you.