Honoring Jesus

Do we do our part?

by Lura Langenback

© 4/12/04

As children of God, we know that our Lord Jesus died for us, don't we? That is the very first thing I had in my heart as I gave my life to Him. The thought that He could have done such and thing for ME was overwhelming. The awesome power of God though Jesus came into my life. I have a Savior Who is my Brother, my Mentor, my Life and my All. Over time, my attitude about things changed. There was more thought for others. The world was a brighter place. People looked different to me. I was able to spot evil for what it was and goodness for what it is in places and people. The Lord Jesus was vitally important to me. And in all of that, I learned that I honor Jesus because I love Him, because of what He did for me.

Ah, but what is that mysterious word anyway? Honor. In loving Him, I learned to find out about Him, to read the Bible, to get closer to Him by prayer and in doing so, I found a Friend, a part of me that I did not know existed. To honor Him is to be grateful for what He did for me. All of my life is given to Him for whatever He chooses for me. My life is His to do with as He sees fit not because He requires it but because I love Him and I want to do anything He asks of me. He is a gentleman. There is no demand for obedience, only love and tenderness. I obey Him because I love Him. I owe Him my life.

But somewhere, somehow, something changed. My life took over what Jesus had sacrificed for me. The world entered into my thinking, my day, my life became more than overwhelmed with the cares and worries. And the Lord took a back seat to the phone, the dog and cats, my family, the house and all the bills.

Today, I was awakened to the fact that we had observed Easter but not Resurrection Day. The kids hunted for easter eggs but they did not thank Jesus for what He had done 2000 years ago. But then, neither did we do this. To my shame, it took talking to our child about something so basic as honoring the Lord Jesus for what He has done for us.

When we allow our lives to overtake our Lord, get ahead of Him and leave Him out, we dishonor Him and what He did for us. But there is joy in this day too. The joy of today comes when my Lord has forgiven me for being this selfish in my life. And that is what Resurrection Day, not Easter, is all about. My Lord died for my sins on that cruel cross at Calvary. On the third day, He rose again, wiped clean of the filth of my sins and yours. Today, He sits at the Father's right hand, asking for mercy for me and for you, if only you will go to Him. All He asks is that you honor Him. Doesn't He deserve that?

When we love our Lord, we honor Him. When we do what He has called us to do, He is honored with our lives. Listen. He is calling you to Him right now. He loves you so much that He died for you! He wants you to know that your life is valuable to Him, so valuable that He died for even you! Did you know that you are worth something? YES! Your life is worth Jesus dying for your sins. He is alive today, sitting with the Father, calling out to you! Please, won't you come to Him today?