Seeking to walk in Jesus' steps.

by Lura Langenback

© 04/01/02

When people read my description, they often wonder just what 'hardline Christian' means and it concerns them. I thought I would take this opportunity to explain my definition and examples of what that might mean to me.

By hardline, I mean that I believe the bible as it's written, being careful to study and be certain that I am seeing the original meanings. Many of the translations are not inaccurate but have 'old style' English and the meanings of words have changed over the years. It is our responsibility to read scripture, asking the Lord what it means, not taking things out of context because that's convenient to an argument or discussion. Everyone does that by mistake at times. However, there are those who constantly take meanings of scripture and bend it to what they want it to say, regardless of what it really means. The aim of that individual is to be right, not factual, and for the most part they don't see truthfulness as being needed. My prayer is to be accurate and it does not hurt my feelings in the least if people do not agree with me. I am not here for a popularity poll. God called me as a witness and a witness I will be. Period.

I believe that people who are called by the Lord should be doing what they are called to do without excuse. I have fought this in my own life as well so I am not holding a goal that no one can obtain. There is something here I should also say. I do not look down on anyone, nor do I judge them if they have not attained the goals set here.This is about MY personal walk with the Lord. I cannot begin to know what God is guiding you to do. That is between you and Him. Daily, I must go to the Lord and deal with failures and successes. Daily, He lifts me higher than I have ever been. Does this make me a perfect person, better than others? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

I do NOT deny my Savior and Lord, agreeing to something less than I am or believe because someone else doesn't like what I write. Trying to do what God teaches me is about as hard as it can get, yet I can accomplish that, so I strive on that path. I am but a vessel for the Lord's use. I don't claim to know everything, see everything, or have all the answers. But in my heart, the Lord speaks to me, shows things that I must do and say. These things are what you see when you read my articles. I will not back down from what I write. So, hardline means sticking to what I believe, to what God has asked of me. However, I am open to correction, GOD'S correction. Sometimes that comes in the form of another person but more often, it comes by way of the Holy Ghost in my heart, perhaps then confirmed by another person. That does NOT mean that I take the word of every individual out to 'correct' those in the body of Christ. Some folks just have to correct another person, for whatever reason. If you ask me what I think, I will tell you. If you read what I write and don't like it, that's fine. But it is not your job to correct me. Guess that, too, makes me a hardliner.

On the other hand, I do not write hate nor do I believe in it. My Father is love. What He asks of us is that we love one another. I believe in that. There are times when it's so difficult to do, yet the Lord tells me if I do not, then He cannot. I cannot live without my Father's love, therefore, the price is small. I forgive and love those who do not love me, who call me names that are not deserved. For years, I did deserve those things, that hate, those names. For years I would not forgive. What did it do to me? The hate tore me apart, tore at my very soul, ripping to shreds all of my humanness, making me no better than those who kill because in my heart, that's what I wanted to do. God has so changed me that those thoughts no longer mean anything to me.

There are those who, when they read articles I have written, get angry, cry, laugh. My job is to stir people to think, to examine their lives, to see if something is missing, to encourage them to search for themselves things that are questionable but aren't being questioned. It might be laziness or lack of interest that keeps people from knowing what lies ahead. Perhaps they would rather not know. I believe that to be deadly to the spirit. But if any article I have written brings on emotion, stirs something up inside the reader, then I have done my job.

At no time will I apologize for what I believe. I am proud to be a child of the King. What I write is not mine but my Father in heaven Who guides me. Nothing is my own. All I am is a Christian willing to tell you about my Lord Jesus and what He did for you. It is not with arrogance that I say these things, it is knowledge of who I am in the Lord. There will be those who are critical of me for this stand. That doesn't hurt me. This is my life and I conduct it according to what I am taught by my Lord, governed by a passion for more knowledge of my Lord, knowing Him better and better, having more of a personal relationship and fellowship with Him than I do now. That's what He is all about, you know. With seeking Him comes the intense companionship and family feeling that we all are looking for here in this world. Am I perfectly walking this way? Of course not. But I have something else going for me. I'm forgiven. God gives me Grace and Mercy in abundance even when I disappoint Him. He loves me that much.
He's my Father.

If you would like to have what Jesus gave to me, please ask Him into your heart, ask forgiveness for your sins. Then thank Him for saving you. It is worth your time to have the assurance of living with Him throughout eternity. Make no mistake, you WILL live in eternity. Your spirit never dies. But the price you pay for not seeking Jesus is a devil's hell. I prefer heaven. It's nicer.
Full of love. Your choice, love or hate for all eternity.

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