Growing up Spiritually

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Growing Up Spirtually, The Beginning
The attitude in the body of Christ today is that we are to get people saved as fast as possible. While this is a great thing, what do we do next?

Hey, Someone New At Your House!
It was a glorious and wonderful day when you walked forward to proclaim that you, too, are a believer in the Lord Jesus. Perhaps you did not feel any different that day but later you noticed that there were some things that you no longer wanted to do, have or see. New desires began to well up inside you, things you never would have thought to do a few weeks before. One day, it suddenly occurred to you that the Lord was changing things about you. What happened?

Forgiveness, From God And From The Other Guy
Can I keep my unforgiveness and get God's forgiveness anyway?

The Centurion Stories
Are they the same?

Sign Up! Be ALL That You Can Be!

Does God Care?

Sign Up! Be ALL That You Can Be!

Nitpickers Of The World, Unite!
What's So Important?

Words That Hurt
What is that coming out of your mouth?

What's Love Got To Do With It?
In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. From that moment until this, He has poured out His love for you in each thing He does. Before time began, He knew you and planned for you.

Back To The Basics
Remember the basics!

Traditions! Traditions!
Are you sure about that?

You Must Pay The Price
All through your life you pay a price for things. Much of the time you don't even notice. You just do it. Why is that?

Feed My Children
If you are a parent, the last thing on earth that you want is for your child to go hungry. You do everything it takes to make sure that the children have something to eat, even if you are not able to eat something yourself.

But Dad, It's Just Out Of Focus!
All you have to do is twist this little knob.

Stoke the Fire!
When the embers are getting cold.

Hate Thy Neighbor
I will warn you that you might not want to read this!

Will My Dream EVER Come True?
Success Is On Your Doorstep! Take hold!

Are you sure about that?

In The Image Of My Father
Chip off the old block.