Dream Light

by Lura Langenback

I went there.
In my dreams, or the day thoughts
that wander, I went there.

On and on, ambling
forward or backward,
to that place.

That place where nightmares
are born, dreams are created.

On and on,
through space,
through time.

Out of place in this world,
on to that one.

Out, beyond solid things to
reality I never knew.

To that place of
pain and death,
life, and hope.

All coming together,
in separate emotions,
wanting desperately to
be free, run wild.

Despair and joy,
working together;
to form what?

Light coming on,
showing the way.

Freedom springing forth.
Joy and love abounding.
Pain leaving, words forming.
Finished, yet beginning.

Downwards, to the dark,
fear, loneliness.

shock, depression.

On and on,
into the deep.

A voice;
strong, thundering.

Upward, to the love,
hope, togetherness.

Fruit of Spirit,
joy, happiness.