Come Dream With Me

by Lura Langenback

© 11/26/01

The other day, while talking to the girls, it came to me to give them a 'thinking assignment.' They are 8 and 7 yrs. old and those brains are busy working on the next fun story they are making up. To really get them thinking hard about something different to stretch their imaginations even more, I asked them to invent a new story for me this time. 'What does Heaven look like to you?' Of course, they immediately wanted to tell things they thought of right away. Images of the cartoon version of Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz were discussed. However, I stopped them and told them I was hoping for a larger universe to unfold for them. They could tell me their ideas sometime later, after having thought of it for a while. You could tell that those minds were hard at work already. Off they went to play and dream up their new adventure.

As they left, the Spirit of God asked me the same question. It's funny how I had not really thought about it that much. Just an idea for them, not me. But as pictures began to unfold in my mind, I got lost in the land of Heaven. When once again I was in what we think of as reality, it occurred to me to write these things down. Some were amazing, things I had never in my life seen or heard, much less dreamed. Now, having experienced these things, if only in my mind, I wanted to share them with you. I invite you to come with me to Heaven.

It was the most beautiful place I had ever seen. There were mountains, rivers, wonderful trees and flowers, lakes, and the most amazing quiet. Not total silence but the richness of the country without traffic sounds, without the city noises. The birds were singing and the crickets were cricketing. Light shone forth from the city in the distance. Here in the country, the Light was only slightly different. One of the first things I noticed was that there were no shadows, no darkness at all. What an astounding thing. Never had it occurred to me that there would be no shadows. Light seemed to come from all things yet it was not nearly as bright as what came from the city in the distance.

As I walked down the road toward that city, I saw animals and birds everywhere. There were lions and sheep in the same field along with all types of wildlife, walking and eating, each seemingly unaware of the others. No animal was stalking another. In astonishment I watched as they actually began to lie down together, as if all were part of a single family. I could not drink it all in. Too many things to see, such wonder.

As soon as one amazing sight captured my attention, another begged for notice. At the side of the road, a bed of flowers drew my eyes. What gorgeous colors of red, blue, pink, purple, orange. Then suddenly it came to me that I could hear the colors! What incredible sounds they made. Trying to get closer, I stepped on one of the roses. That started to make me sad. But wait. It continued to sway in the gentle breeze as if I had never touched it, running straight through my foot. My thoughts went to the Bible which reminded me that there is no death, no decay in Heaven. Of course! How could I hurt that wonderful creation? The flowers seemed happy, another astonishing thing. There was an aroma of joy in the air. It would be impossible to explain how I could smell joy but I could.

Beside the road on the other side, was a small river. Sparkling water bubbled up from what appeared to be an underground well and ran close to the place where I was standing. There were trees next to it with leaves of assorted colors as if spring, summer, and autumn were occurring at exactly the same time, yet the leaves were not falling off or dying but springing forth. People were coming from everywhere to drink the water and to eat the leaves. They glowed as they drank. This reminded me of the rivers of living water in the scriptures that describe the Holy Ghost. As each person took a leaf, another took it's place. No empty branches were on those trees, no matter how many leaves they picked. New buds came up instantly and new leaves came forth as I watched. Eating the leaves, the people looked refreshed. I thought of the scripture that says the leaves of the trees were for the healing of the nations. Obviously, they were restoring the people.

For some reason, I needed to head into the city. Thinking about getting there fast, in science fiction fashion I was there. That city was huge. The buildings soared up into the incredibly white clouds. It was impossible to know how tall they were, yet I knew. Then I thought of the book of Revelation that talked about how large the city is. The best guess folks have been able to make is that it is roughly 1700 miles in all directions. No wonder I could not see the countryside from where I was standing. The vastness of it all almost overwhelmed me. Streets of transparent gold gleamed in the constant Light, bright golden rays shining out of each brick. The structures were made of various precious stones and metals, all the most exquisite colors one could imagine. No, it is beyond that. In the center of town, a fountain brought forth the most pure water known to man. Somehow I knew that without asking.

There was a feeling of urgency. Something was happening. People were going about their business but at an accelerated rate. Preparations were being made for what appeared to be a huge celebration. Decorations were going up. Things were not 'normal.' Still, they were quite festive and bright. It reminded me of looking forward to a holiday with great anticipation. I wanted to join in the fun but it was as if I was not visible to them, an observer.

Just beyond the fountain was God's throne. There was no mistaking that. A rainbow circled it like a ribbon, it surrounded the throne above as well. The colors became reality itself. Again I could hear them. Creatures of all kinds stood nearby, each singing a song of praise and joy. Angels were everywhere; flying, standing, kneeling, singing, praying, but most of all, rejoicing. They looked so happy! Songs were flowing from each of us, telling the Lord that He is loved. Then it dawned on me that the songs never ceased. I had been constantly hearing music. It was as though the atmosphere was permeated with the symphony that came out from the throne. I could see the music in the air! It flowed like a river over all the creatures and those of us close to the throne. The seat itself, what I could see of it, was an exquisite gold, a color so far beyond anything I had ever imagined or could describe. On the throne was a Being that I could not see because of the Light. I knew in an instant that the Light was the Glory of God and that the One on the throne was the Father, Himself. I could not look upon Him. The Light was too bright for my eyes.

Next to Him, on the right, was Jesus. I knew that this is the Person I came to see. He is my Savior and Lord and I had to thank Him, to be near Him. At that moment, He saw me. Coming from the throne and walking straight up to me, He cradled me in His loving arms. I had never had such a hug in my entire life. Peace and Joy emanated from Him pouring into my body. Nothing in this world prepared me for such reality. I knew that He loved me! The holes from the nails on the cross were still there in His hands. Tears of sorrow for the pain I had caused Him began to flow freely down my cheek. Wiping them from my face, He told me that He loved me so much that He was willing to endure the agony just for me. Like holding a child in His arms, He sang a song of grace and mercy to me. The smell of love hit my nose ever so gently. It was flowing out from the throne and from Jesus. I could smell God!

The world intruded. Sounds of the phone ringing brought the daydream to an end. Yet, at the last moment, I could hear the Voice of Jesus saying, 'Go tell this people.' I knew exactly what He meant. The time is short and we must be about the Father's business of telling people about Jesus and the price He paid for them when He died on the cross.

What a wonderful picture I have now. Do I know if it's accurate or not? No. Does that matter? Not really. Heaven exists and it is a restricted society. The entrance requirement is that you accept Jesus into your heart. He is the One Who died for you so that you might live. Please accept Him today.