Does God Care?

by Lura Langenback

© 07/08/05

Recently, I started a study on that very question. It seems to me that even the faith giants ask this at one time or another. Isn't it in your heart at those times of pressure or maybe you just wonder about it sometimes because it doesn't really look like it? To answer the question quickly...Yes, He does care very much about all aspects of our lives. Yet, so much of the time, we ourselves get in His way with our bad choices and intent need to "fix it" ourselves when...if only, we would look to God for the solutions. Perhaps we should sit back and think about this a moment. I have no idea how many times I have gone ahead of God, how often have my blessings gone astray because I didn't wait one more hour, one more day. How can we know the answer to that? I wasn't patient enough to wait on God to deal with the situation.

Something hit me just a day or so ago. Someone I knew, who had many health problems and emotional difficulties, committed suicide. In the note left for others to find, the person mentioned that they had tried for months for Social Security Disability which would fix many of the financial problems also looming over the person's head. The person was in dispair, the hope was gone from life. Worries and cares for all sorts of things became too large to handle. Any light, any positive thoughts were gone. The spirit died even before the body through hopelessness. They committed suicide. The day after the death, the letter came that said they received the needed funds. If only the person had waited ONE MORE DAY.

How often do we give up our faith moments, hours or days before our blessing is about to show up? God wants us to be steadfast in our faith walk, our love and pursuit of Him, not giving up until we see the results in our spirits, having peace about all things. Is that too much for God to ask of us? NO! He is our Creator. He, through Jesus, is our Savior and Lord, if we will surrender our lives to Him. We should honor Him even if He does absolutely nothing else for us at all.

We breathe because of our Lord. He has blessed us with life. When Jesus died on the cross for us, He blessed us with forgiveness for all sins in our lives because He took those very same sins with Him to the cross where they died with Him. We are set free from the bondage through that act. Now, we have a debt to Him, yet, He does not call in that debt, doesn't wave the IOU in our faces. He calls us His children, adopted sons and daughters rather than slaves. All we are required to do is accept that Jesus died for us, taking our sins with Him and ask Him into our hearts to live forever with us. Instead of slavery, He asks for our love and devotion.

Unfortunately, many turn from Him in anger, disappointment or dispair because He has not done what was asked of Him as if He is some type of "sugar daddy" just waiting for our usually selfish and self centered pleas for this thing or that. Yes, even asking Him to keep a dying friend alive can be selfish when that one is being called home. Others believe while they ask and beg only to sit back in disappointment when God does not come up with the solution immediately, on that person's time line. Not many people are interested in waiting, staying steadfastly on the course regardless of the outcome, knowing that God is totally in control and cares for each and every aspect of the situation.

So, then the question begs to be answered. Do we really believe that God is ultimately in control or do we simply hope so?

"The person who loves God is the one God loves and cares for." --I Cor. 8:3

Do we believe this? Or do we believe that God has decided to let us go it alone because we asked too much. How about it's that we sinned and know we are too far gone from Him? What has happened to the faith that was given to us when we first believed? For me, it came about due to the problems our family started to have. The focus then became "what will we do" instead of giving it all to the Lord and allowing Him to act for us, leaving our worries behind us. Yes, worry came in. Remember what worry is? The opposite of faith!

What brings me to know that I am not alone in my doubts, what gives me comfort that I can still seek God and be heard AND blessed, is that even the prophets and modern faithfilled people sometimes have doubts, sometimes stumble. God picks them up and they go on with His calling on their lives. He does this for anyone who is willing to have Him do that for them. Many of us have seen the poem "Footprints". I have a wall hanging of it on my livingroom wall. It tells that at times, when we are at our lowest point whether our own fault or not, God carries us. Therefore, a single set of footprints can be seen instead of two when He walks beside us. It is not because He chose to leave us to our own devices, alone and floundering. Sure, through our own, sometimes truly ridiculous and dangerous choices, we fall flat on our spiritual faces. Yet, God is there to dust us off and put us right back on the path, just where we belong.

The question then becomes not does God care but "Do we trust Him"? Sadly, most of us don't. Not enough. That's why we turn away when any little thing or big thing rocks our safe and comfy world. Oh, He is great for asking about our little needs but those big things! Those we must fix ourselves, there is no other way. Or possibly, we trust Him for the giants in our lives but we don't want to bother Him (He is really too busy, you know, fixing all the huge problems of the world) with the tiny, yet bothersome trials that we face, like......"those kids are going to drive me nuts! When can I get some time to myself!" "Is that guy in the car ahead ever going to stop talking on that cel phone and get to driving? It doesn't get any greener, pal!" "Should I buy two cans of tuna or three?" "How about the price of GAS! I can't afford that!!" "When is that phone going to ring? I need to know what time to get ready." Is God interested in our tiny problems or just the big ones? He is interested in them ALL!!

So, how do we actually KNOW that God cares? How can we learn to trust in the One and only Person Who never fails us? First, you will want the help God gives to those who ask Jesus into their hearts. Right then, you become a family member, a child of God, an adopted son or daughter with Jesus right there to teach and comfort you. Then, it is time to dig out that dusty Bible or go find one if you have never owned one. Start reading. See what God has to offer you. The Bible is filled with stories, parables and love songs for you. All of it, every word, shows how much God cares, what role He plays in your life.

Take the time right now to ask Jesus into your heart. If you have already done that but have strayed from the path, go to Him quickly. Don't run from Him. God loves you! If you have been steadfast in your pursuit of God, fantastic! Then you know already that He directed you here for some reason. I was directed to write this. It is never an accident for you to be here, reading this article. I ask God to bless each and every one of you who read this and do what He urges you to do because of it. What a glorious blessing to serve our risen Savior!! Amen.