Do We Lie?

by Pat Goodwin


Do we tell our children the Christmas story or do we lie and give the credit for wonderful love to someone else?

John 3:16, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

God loved us so greatly that He asked His Son, Jesus, to make a great sacrifice. Our Father in heaven had this planned for years before it occurred. He told us in prophecy, of the coming of Immanuel (meaning God-with-us). Matt 1:23 Isaiah 7:14 Isaiah 53 Micah 5:1-5 Jeremiah 23:5-6 Zechariah 9:9 Isaiah 42:1-4

A virgin was to give birth, in Bethlehem, of the lineage of David, to a son. Wisemen came seeking Him, bearing gifts, for He was born King. He came to save His people from their sins. (Matt 1:21) Jesus, being the Son of God (Luke 1:30-33), who knew beforehand the manner of His death (John 3:14-15), and the reason for His dying (John 3:16-17) is not replaceable with any other person or thing that might be worshipped (John 3:18-19). It is very important that His birth and reason for coming are not overshadowed or glossed over. Yet, we find society and the world in general, more readily accepting a lie and falsehood, that, is known as a falsehood, rather than accepting the truth. Things haven't changed much. (John 3:20)

Lately, we hear and see everywhere that Christianity is being rejected as being NOT "POLITICALLY CORRECT", as if that is the most important thing in the world. To be "politically correct", also known as PC, appears to be the aim of many politicians and others, even if God's laws are broken. In Jesus' days on earth it was the same. (Matt 15:1-9) How many times today have you heard someone insist on doing something a certain way, because "that's the way we've always done it"? Many deaths and souls have been lost because the truth was overshadowed by lies.

I had a dream that people were standing in line, and at the end of the line, they would climb into a box on a conveyor belt, which would then move out of sight. Being curious, I peeked around the corner and saw what happened next. The people would die. When I tried to stop the line and tell the people the truth, they would tell me to stop interfering, because they've always gotten into the box. The same is happening right now. It is okay to talk about Halloween, Santa, the Easter Bunny, and other things like being Pro-Choice; but, you are ostracized if you want to avoid Halloween (Deut. 18:9-13), put up a Nativity set (Matt 2:8-23), tell the truth about Easter (Matt 28 all), or even tell the truth about abortion killing a human being (Jer. 1:5 / Isa. 49:1, Ps. 139:13-16).

To whom do we owe our respect, fear and our awe? To Man? PHOOEY!!! We OWE IT TO GOD! Matthew 10:28 says it all. Isn't it about time that we quit lying and believing a lie? The truth should be brought forth.

John 3:21, "But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God."