Dear Jesus......

Just a note to tell You thank You..What a blessing You are.

by Lura Langenback

© August 9, 2000

Dear Jesus,

A song I have sung starts out 'how can I say thanks for all the things you have done for me?' Good question. I know that I have not been as grateful as I should and I'm sorry. But today I give thanks for everything.

When I think of what You did for me, it boggles my mind. So hard to believe sometimes that You actually died for me, knowing who I am and how dirty I've been.

Day after day, things happen and I fail You yet again but still You are there, watching out for me and my family, no matter what. When the car accident happened, we didn't pray.....we didn't yell out for You, but You were there. The angel You sent did his job, making sure that there were no major injuries to the girls, my husband, or me.

What a blessing You are. Over and over, we ignore You when we should be talking to You. It's called prayer but, honestly, it feels more like I'm talking to a Friend when I discuss things with You. Never have I had such a Faithful Friend. All others have failed me, yet You never do that. Not once. Oh, there were times when I believed that something had not happened that You promised me, but then a better thing would occur and I knew that You were watching out for me again.

We are so selfish, thinking of ourselves and not others. How can You put up with us? The usual and common prayer is for someTHING or someONE in our own family, leaving out people we don't know or hardly see. But what about those that are truly suffering? What happens if we don't do our job and pray for them? Are they lost because of us? Please forgive my so selfish prayers, Lord.

Years ago, You told me to go and tell others about You. I have done this. Yet, it seems that the job assigned to me is not being accomplished as it should. Why is that? Ah yes, I am to wait. Really, I do not like that word! In fact, there are times when I truly hate that word. What does 'wait' mean anyway? Does it mean sit and do nothing while You work it out in Your own time? Or is it something else? Okay, now it makes sense. You want me to wait by going about Your business of telling those people about You that do not know Jesus, my Savior and Lord. So I am not to be just sitting around, accomplishing nothing. I am grateful.

Anyway, before I quit writing, I just wanted to say again that if it were not for You, we would not even know about You, let alone know You personally. I am so grateful. It still boggles me. You died on that horrible cross for me. It had to hurt so much. But even more than that, You took on ALL of my sin, sickness and diseases too. But it wasn't just for me. It was for everyone who is willing to get to know You, accept You into their lives, if ONLY they would believe in what You did for us all.

Oh yes, one more thing. I love You.

Your child