Christian Living

Articles labeled "Christian Living" are great for long term Christians, brand new believers and also for those who do not know what a Christian is or who do not consider themselves Christians. Like the related subject "Growing Up Spiritually" this topic covers many aspects of the new life that Christians gain when they are born again. From how we should treat each other and the bad habits we need to change to how we should relate to God and our faith in Him. Christian Living could also be called Christian Lifestyle or Christian Way of Life Spiritual growth being the goal.

christian living christian lifestyle

Here And Now, Not Sweet By And By

God's Resting Place

Honoring God
Do we?

What Did You Say? I Missed It
The Art of listening to God

It's Beginning To Rain. Wash The Dust Off Your Faith

The Heartbreak Of A Lost Loved One
A valentine for all year.

Normal? What Is That?
It's A Normal World Or Is It?

Top 10 Reasons Why.......
Oh yes, another top 10 list. This one isn't funny.

My First Love

Who Do You Believe?
Elmer Fudd: Shhhh. Be vewy vewy quiet. I'm hunting hewetics.

Junk Food Junkie
Would you like fries with that? Getting fat on spiritual junk food.

Aliens Among Us
Have the UFOs landed?

Well, I Never!
How Christians Treat Christians

Churchy Speak 101
Are we unknowingly leaving people out?

Translate That!
It's time to translate those religious words

Check Your 'Tude At The Door
Damage control, do we need it?

Lose Weight? Why Didn't I Think of That?
Is it really a weight problem or maybe it's something else?

Reality Of The Cross
Standing at the foot of the cross.

Whazzat? A Potato In My Seat?
Veggies I have known.

What prayer can do for you.

'Wanderer, Come Home' He Said
All of my life, even as a child, there was something that told me I did not belong. There was something missing. It was an ever present thing in my existence. It was as if I was an alien, walking a path not meant for me.

The Long Road Home
Where am I going and how do I get there?

Seeking to walk in Jesus' steps.

What's Eating You? Don't Let GUILT Run Your Life
What happens when you are drowning in a sea of guilt? Where do you turn?

Growing Up Spiritually has more articles that are also good studies with a Spiritual Growth theme similar to Christian Living.