The Child Shall Lead Them

If the child survives, that is.

by Lura Langenback

© 03/17/04

If someone were to come back to life from one hundred years ago, they would be shocked to see so many weird things, such changes that this world would seem incredibly alien to them. So much has happened, in fact, that we are running to keep up with the breakthroughs. It seems that every week, new technology is available, new cures are happening, lifesaving measures are available to those who are hurting. We can do so much more than in "the good old days." We are able to save lives instead of lose them to unthinkable diseases and accidents. God bless us for that. Yet, in the race to win, which is after all what is occurring, have we lost sight of some of the values we need to keep?

Our country is so technologically advanced that we now murder...excuse me, the more politically correct term...abort our young in the name of convenience. It is legal to do this. In fact, the congress has made it so convenient that it is lawful not to tell the mother of the child that she is, in fact, carrying "a child". Those who dispense this nice, easy fix to the problem convey a generic term and call "it" a fetus. Many times, the mother may not be told the health risks to herself or to any future children she may wish to have. She might be told that it does not hurt or hurts very little and that there will be no lasting effects. Often, what she is not told is how it will affect her in the future emotionally or spiritually. The clinics frequently do not help but, instead, campaign for the abortion because they are looking for that dollar. I am certain that some clincs are helpful and want to do what is right for the mother but what about the child? If they do give ALL of the information, they are being helpful. Many do not do this. What they may tell her are lies.

There are many reasons why a mother would not choose to keep a child. For instance, she wants to continue her education, hasn't got the money to raise a child, the couple was not prepared to have children at this time, the father does not want to be burdened with children and of course, things like rape and incest are included too. Many times, the mother feels forced into aborting the child because her family or significant other (I hate that term) wants to be "free" of the responsibility. He or they pressure her into something she is not certain about.

That is the basic problem right there. Responsibility. These days, not many folks want to take on responsibility. It is not easy teaching children that term anymore. The schools and often the parents teach them that they do not have to be responsible. "You don't have your homework? Oh, that's alright. Do it tonight and hand it in tomorrow." Instead of instructing abstinence, they teach that teens can have sex with a condom. "After all, it's okay as long as you don't get caught." The schools tell the child that they don't have to tell the parents and that they will be protected if they become pregnant and wish to abort. What they fail to teach is that it is WRONG to have sex outside of marriage in the first place. It is WRONG to remove a life frivolously. Why have they failed to do this? Because we and the schools have taught our children that it is alright to not feel responsible for their actions. Because we have legislated God out of the classroom. Because we have legislated God out of our government, state and federal.

When children are aborted, where is the quality of life that we enjoyed years ago? How much value do we put on our lives or on the lives of our future, our children, the heart of our existence on this earth? None. How long will it be before we exterminate our seniors in the name of "death with dignity"? When will it be okay to euthanize our handicapped? "After all, they aren't living a good life, right? Better to help them into another, happier world, right?" When will someone decide that YOU are not worth keeping?

Where is the Creator in all of this? Nowhere if the decision is to end a life, no matter how young or old it may be. I think the hardest thing for me to swallow is that we are mass-killing our future with absolutely no regard for the consequences. Where are the protectors of the unborn? We have protection for the teens that had the sex. We have protection for "consenting" adults. Yet, we choose to leave our unborn completely helpless, being sucked out of the womb for the sake of convenience or money. Who will take the responsibility for all of this? We will, in the end. If we sit by and allow this to continue, we will have this seared on our souls.