Carved In Stone

Alabama vs. the Ten Commandments

by Lura Langenback

©  9/11/2003

Carved In Stone

Alabama vs. the Ten Commandments

I usually do not write commentaries about current events but this one requires something to be said over and over again. As you are most likely aware, Chief Justice Roy Moore put up a monument of the Ten Commandments in the rotunda of the Alabama Judicial Building about two years ago. He felt that God should be honored as the Creator and giver of the laws that govern the State of Alabama as well as the United States. He contends that this is not about religion. It's about God. It's about a moral foundation in this country. For this stand, Chief Justice Moore is being called an extremist. One of the plaintiff's attorneys have filed a motion that Moore be held in contempt.

A federal judge ruled that the monument did violate the constitution's ban on the government's establishment of religion. It was required that the monument be moved from the rotunda. Then, the State Supreme Court Justices, all eight of them, agreed with the removal. They stated that they were bound by their oath to follow the law whether they agreed to it or not. Since then, officials at the building have walled off the monument from view.

What is wrong with this picture? This country and most of the states were founded on Christian values. Many of the country's founders were Bible believers. The bill of rights and the constitution were written based on Godly principles. The State of Alabama's founding fathers wrote their constitution to reflect God in their lives. The words "separation of church and state" were not even thought of until a Supreme Court Justice in the 1940's used the term. Since then, it has been used as a means to take God out of the political arena and out of the governments of the United States and the State governments as well.

Let's examine a couple of things here. There is a statue of the godess, Guinan, in front of the federal building where the federal judge ruled that the Ten Commandments monument has to go because religious monuments cannot exist in the state building. There is a plaque there as well. That sounds like a double standard to me.

The eight State Supreme Court Justices ruled that the federal judge was to be upheld. Yet, they live in a state that was founded on Christian values. Many of the court buildings have scriptures embedded in the concrete above their heads. Many have scriptures over their heads in the room where they make those decisions.

Our currency states on it very clearly "In God We Trust" yet our lawmakers, both federal and state, choose to ignore that as they rule against us. The very congress, both state and federal, that makes laws to take our freedoms away open their sessions with a word of prayer from their Chaplain. This is the same type of prayer that cannot exist in our public schools because ONE parent of ONE child, who is now a born-again Christian, was offended.

Whether you like the Ten Commandments or not, please understand that when such bodies of law rule like this, they strip us ALL of our rights and priviledges that we were given as a result of the revolutionary war. Everything our forefathers fought for is being stolen from us. Every war that has been fought is being negated with these actions. This is a precedent that cannot be allowed to stand. If it does, your freedoms of expression will be soon removed as well.

Memorials to dead children, in the form of bricks that honor our Lord, were removed from a walkway because it "offended" ONE person. People in malls are being required to remove or turn tshirts inside out if they have Christian messages on them because they "offend" a single person. These same people are allowed to wear or carry smutfilled signs of one type or another because this does not "offend" the general public.

People, WAKE UP!!! We are having our rights, priviledges and dreams ripped from us, one by one. Yesterday, it was about prayer being taken from our public schools. Today, it is about a monument with the Ten Commandments. Tomorrow it will be about our right to protest. Eventually, it will be about our right to own certain books, movies, pictures or how we act in our own homes. Then, when we choose to object, we will be jailed for it. They say that Chief Justice Roy Moore is an extremist and should be held in contempt. I have to state here and now that I hold the State Supreme Court of Alabama in contempt, the hypocritical federal judge in contempt.

If you are not a Christian and choose not to be, at least see that these people are stealing your liberty as well. It may be about "religion" today but it will be about your freedoms tomorrow. If you do not live in the United States, please know that some time soon, if not already, your own freedoms will be threatened and removed. That is the kind of world we live in today.

As a Christian, I can only call for us to pray, to protest in any way we can while we still have the freedom to do so. One day, it will be gone. I can only tell you to seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is still near (Isa. 55:6). The time is so short.