Calling Out to God to......What?

by Lura Langenback

© August 8, 2000

See what happens when the Holy Spirit gets involved.

The church we went to, in Missouri, had a prayer service VERY early in the morning so that people could be ready for the day. First thing I thought when they started this can anyone get up that early for anything??? (The services were started at 5:43am) Then I thought of the sacrifice Jesus made for me and things became a bit clearer. I went.

It was marvelous. What a blessing to begin the day with friends and prayer partners. I would encourage anyone who wants a really good morning wake-up, to go to your church leadership and ask them to start a daily morning prayer service. If there already is one, go to it!

It began with less than 10 people. But we prayed. We sang songs, praised God and Jesus, invited the Holy Spirit to come. There were people on their knees, on their faces, at the altar, standing, walking. It didn't matter how we looked, where we sat or if our eyes were open or closed. It wasn't a beauty contest nor was it a social occasion. We just prayed. We prayed about our families, the church, the pastor, the leadership, the mayor and city council, the neighborhood where we lived, church neighborhood, city, surrounding areas, county, state, country leadership, the world. There was prayer for law enforcement people, the courts, judicial system. At or near the end of the service, people got out of their seats and walked around the walls of the church, claiming the church and everyone in it, for the Lord. And we prayed.

Now wait a minute, you're thinking. People are looking like idiots, walking around a church, calling out to God to....what? Protect the church, bring Light into the services, claiming the land? Yes, that and more. "You people are nuts getting up at that hour of the morning just to stomp around a church!" Yessir, that's what they said to Joshua too, when he told the people that they had to walk around Jericho for seven days. Did that work? Yessir! Has God changed? Nope. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Said so Himself.

So what happened? Glad you asked. Things changed! Testimonies filled the church of financial burdens being removed, sickness and disease going away, families healed. It was incredible! And it started with prayer, good ol' fashioned prayer. Before the morning service, the church was lukewarm and most were not on FIRE for the Lord. They loved Jesus but found it easier to 'let someone else do the witnessing' because 'I don't know how to do that!'. That changed. How? Prayer. Revival bubbled up inside many of the folks that had not been that way before. Pew sitters headed out the door to talk to neighbors, friends and family about their Savior. The Holy Spirit moved in such a way that people saw and felt Him in the regular services. The church grew strong in the Lord.

And it started with prayer. A small group of faithful members were willing to get up before daylight to talk to the Lord about whatever the needs were. Soon the group got larger, more voices, more interceding for others. What was the result? When you call on the Lord, He responds. The Holy Spirit came to visit. The Anointing of the Lord got all over the preaching, the singing, the praise, and the prayers. It's an AWESOME thing to see. The church grew, the Anointing grew, the membership grew, the testimonies grew, the praise grew. Funny thing, the prayer grew too.

And it BEGAN with prayer.